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An array of exciting car for rent deals are waiting just for you! We have a complete range of vehicles to accommodate all your needs, whether for corporate purpose or personal pleasure.

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As we are customer centric transportation services company, we ensure you the utmost reliability in our well-maintained fleet and the whole experience of renting car is smooth, fast, and hassle-free.

MPMRent is a Leading Indonesian Car Rental Company

MPMRent is a leading vehicle rental company operating out of Indonesia, with an in depth understanding of our customers' business requirements, MPMRent offers personalized solutions tailored to your specific needs. We are here to provide the best and quality car rental services that are able to meet every need for your company's transportation fleet. Our car rental service network covers most cities in Indonesia, starting from Banda Aceh, Batam, Medan, Palembang, Pekanbaru, Jambi, Lampung, Cilegon, Serang, Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Malang, Surabaya, Pontianak, Palangkaraya, Banjarbaru, Balikpapan, Samarinda, Denpasar, Makassar hingga Manado.

A variety of vehicles and attractive rental offers are available for you! We offer a comprehensive range of automobiles ready to meet your standards in regards to your business & personal requirements. These include:

  • Luxury cars
  • Passenger cars
  • Logistics Vehicles
  • Heavy Duty vehicles

We prioritize customer satisfaction and guarantee that every one of our automobiles are in top condition and always provides easy, fast, and hassle-free car rental services. Here are some of the services provided by MPMRent:

Long Term Rental

We are always ready to meet your transportation requirements, whether it is in regards to commercial or passenger based vehicles. Our services include maintenance, insurance claims, 24-hour assistance, and providing replacement cars.

Short Term Rental

We provide flexible car rental services that meet your transportation needs for daily, weekly or monthly rental periods. All of our services include maintenance, insurance claims, 24-hour assistance, and the provision of replacement cars

Fleet Management System

A special service from MPMRent, the Fleet Management System, is also provided; this is a special vehicle rental and long-term driver service provider operating between the company and the customer, where the company will place dispatchers at the agreed upon customer pool location.

Man Power Service

To complement our vehicle rental services, through PT DSS, MPMRent also facilitates quality workforce services in regards to driver outsourcing, cleaning, security, as well as a variety of other key amenities.

Auction Hall and Buying & Selling Used Cars

Our auction house, Auksi, is open to both companies and individuals who wish to sell motor vehicles. We held auctioning activities throughout Jakarta as well as several cities in Indonesia which were carried out smoothly and transparently, with the help of a highly professional team. Additionally, MPMRent employs a special division, the Japanese Client Business Unit (JCBU) that handles our customers, including companies as well as expatriates from Japan.

MPMRent's partners include a wide variety of companies stemming from the banking, manufacturing, distribution & logistics industries, and additionally include a range of other companies operating out of Indonesia. So, why should you use MPMRent's services?

  • MPMRent offers 13,000 fleet units from a variety of brands and vehicle types.
  • MPMRent has 1,500 experienced drivers on offer.
  • MPMRent utilizes Touch Points spread throughout Indonesia.
  • MPMRent offers competitive prices.
  • MPMRent uses a special division for companies and expatriates from Japan, JCBU.
  • MPMRent has a contact center service for 24 hours / 7 days a week via WA Business (08138 1500068) and phone 1500068

MPMRent currently holds 8 Branch Offices and 17 representative branches, with a total of 25 touch points within Indonesia. MPMRent also currently has a fleet of 13,000 units consisting of luxury and passenger cars, logistics vehicles as well as heavy duty vehicles. MPMRent has also collaborated with several partner workshops in order to check and ensure the pristine condition of every fleet in operation across Indonesia.

MPMRent also possesses a variety of qualifications, such as SNI 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, ISO 9001:2015 and SMK3 so as to ensure a standard of work safety and customer comfort when using the services provided by MPMRent.

To find the most appropriate transportation services for your business or personal needs. Please visit www.mpm-rent.com.

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