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A Guidelines on How To Choose The Right Fuel For Your Vehicle

News2022-05-30 17:00:00
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If you are just new to vehicles, most importantly, you should know the guidelines on how to choose the right fuel for your vehicle. Today, we are going to share you the best tips in our guidelines so you can use the right fuel that fits to your newly-bought car. In Indonesia, there are at least 8 types of fuel that most vehicle’s owner has been using. 

Using the right fuel will actually help make your car performs better, the engine works well and the comfort is unquestionable. On the other hand, if you take an inappropriate fuel, both the intern and extern parts of the car will get damaged. 

So what are the tips on how to choose the right fuel for your vehicle? Here are the review. 

Recognize The Types of Engine 

The first thing to do in order that you can determine the proper fuel is to recognize the types your vehicle’s engine. In Indonesia, there are two types of engine used for cars; turbo-diesel and engine for gasoline. The diesel is usually installed in the big vehicles like bus and truck. However, SUVs also use this type of engine. 

Cars that use turbo-diesel has a bigger engine capacity and has bigger capability to empower the vehicles. The significant characteristic of turbo-diesel is its hotspot which is higher than that of the gasoline engine. 

If your vehicle uses turbo-diesel then you must use fuel that is suitable for turbo-diesel. In Indonesia, the best fuel for diesel engine is the diesel fuel including Pertamina Dex or Dexlite. Meanwhile, cars with gasoline engine should use gasoline as well. The gasoline engine can also use fuel like Premium, Pertalite, Pertamax and Pertamax Turbo. 

Notice The Octant Score 

Another tips to choose the right fuel for your vehicle is noticing to the octant score. Octant score shows the fuel’s endurance to the compression engine combustion without burning itself. The higher the octant score, the more the burning result will be lead. 

The thing that influences the engine combustion is the lower octant-score of the fuel used, the more difficult to burn the fuel. This way, the fuel cannot perform the burning season due to the octant score that accumulate in the burning area. 

Compression Ratio 

Next, pay attention to the compression ratio. Each of vehicle has different compression, so does the fuel. The fuel must also have different octant score. Therefore, compression engine combustion and the fuel octant score must be well adapted. 

The easiest way of seeing a compression ratio is to look the manual book or search on the web. Wait, what is actually a compression ratio?  A compression ratio is a quality value that represents the volume ratio on the burning area ranging from the big to the small capacity. 

According to Piston, a ratio is a ratio between the cylinder volume and burning area when the piston is in the lower level and the top dead point. The high ratio can lead the engine to extract more mechanical energy as the thermal efficiency is also higher. 

Get to Know The Types of Fuel 

Now that you know the tips on how to choose the right fuel for your vehicle, you had better know the fuel types, too. Here we are going to describe for you in the following part. 

Octant 90 

Fuel with octant 90 is widely used by a vehicle with engine compression from 9:1 up to 10:1. This fuel has a good quality for your daily needs about vehicle. The plus point of octant 90 fuel is the affordable price. APV and New Carry Pick Up mostly use this fuel. 

Octant 92

Octant 92 is considered have higher quality than octant 90. Octant 92 is also one of the available options in the market. Octant 92 has a perfect burning result that can even clean the burning residue in the engine, making the engine durable, efficient and able to perform well. 

Octant 92 is a fuel type that meets MPV All New Ertiga needs. 

Octant 95

Octant 95 is best described to suit an engine with the high compression ratio like 11:1 to 12:1. Octant 95 is a fuel type able to reduce the carbon dioxide residue and empower the engine to work well in order to get the better performance and to minimize the energy emission because of the heat. 

Overall, our guidelines on how to choose the right fuel for your vehicle is expected to enrich you with the information about the way to make your vehicle perform better. However, you need also treat your vehicle with the regular maintenance. In this regards, you can trust MPM Rent. It is the popular car rental company that serves not only car rental but also anything dealing with the transportation modes like safety, cleanliness, maintenance and etc. Let’s now contact MPM Rent for further information. 

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