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The Most Effective Ways on How to Prevent Highway Hypnosis to Avoid Accident

News2022-05-30 17:00:00
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Have you ever experienced highway hypnosis while driving? If not, never expect! Highway hypnosis is one of the factors causing most accidents on the road. However, almost drivers ignore how dangerous such kind of hypnosis is. 

For your safety, you need to know how to prevent highway hypnosis to avoid accident. If you know nothing more about it, then follow our simple guide to check it out below: 

Highway Hypnosis Definition 

What is actually a highway hypnosis? It is the way you lose your focus on driving unconsciously. This occurs especially when a person is driving for a long distance and a long time. As the name suggests, highway hypnosis occurs when you are driving in the highway. Though you look driving your vehicle, you are somewhere else. 

That is a hypnosis that causes the driver to lose some concentration and lose control over the vehicle driven. In some cases, the driver may uncontrollably drive in a high speed. You know how dangerous this would be not only for the driver himself but also for the passengers and other vehicles. 

Highway hypnosis has the same effect with micro-sleep.  The state of losing consciousness can occur to anyone and it feels just like a hypnotisms. Enough sleep or rest before leaving is not a guarantee that you won’t experience highway hypnosis.  More often, the surrounding makes you feel bored and tired so you start thinking like you were somewhere else and doing something else. 

So it is not surprising that environment and driving atmosphere play an important role to keep you awake and focusing on driving the vehicle. More or less, you need to know the most effective ways on how to prevent highway hypnosis. 

The Most Effective Ways To Avoid Highway Hypnosis

Now that you know what actually highway hypnosis is, the next thing that you need importantly to check out is the most effective ways to avoid such thing. 

Avoid Daydreaming

Daydreaming is unavoidable when a person drives on a smooth road. While there isn’t any hassle and the surrounding is so windy, daydreaming can lead to experience highway hypnosis. Thus, it would be very effective to stop daydreaming. Focus on the road in front of you and drive carefully. 

Manage Your Seat and Get Light Gym 

Avoid the dangerous hypnosis on the highway by managing your seat and getting a light gym. Though you may have had a comfortable seating to sit cozily, you still need to be aware of the safety driving. This is aimed not to let you feel tired easily and quickly since an exhaustion can lose your driving concentration. 

A light gym can also make you feel fresh and stay awake. Move your neck, nod your head, look around sometimes will be good not to let your body weak.

Avoid Overthinking 

Avoid overthinking! When your mind is crowding, driving can’t be smooth. If you have unfinished task either at home or in the office, forget it in a while. 

Based on arithmetic counting, 2 seconds away from your mind in 80km speed will cause you to lose control. You can even lose control more than 44 meters. A fatal accident may occur like hitting the other vehicles or the edge of the street. 

Listen to The Music 

Listening to the music is good to avoid highway hypnosis as you can sing along and just enjoy the music to get rid of the boredom. This will make your body and soul relaxed so you can focus on driving your vehicle. 

Keep your heart happy by listening to the music and moving your body a bit as long as you still concentrate on driving. You just need to avoid playing the music too loudly. Hear something around for an anticipation. 

See Outside The Car

Another effective way on how to prevent highway hypnosis is to see outside the car. This is for managing your carefulness. Pick your time - may be just two or three seconds – to see outside so you will recognize the road condition that may not always be good. 

Maintain Your Car 

The last tips to avoid the highway hypnosis is maintain your vehicle’s condition. The vehicle’s component can work optimally if the car is well-maintained. Do regular service so you will not feel worry about the car. 

Now that you understand what highway hypnosis is and the most effective ways on how to prevent highway hypnosis, it would be better if you also practice what you have read. That is primarily aimed to avoid an unexpected accident. However, if you are still doubt how to drive well, pick up MPM Rent. It is the most popular and reputable car rental in Indonesia. The rental offers many types of transportation modes to meet your needs including the best driver service option. Just contact MPM rent for further information. 

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