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The Effect of Window Film While Driving in The Rain

News2022-05-30 17:00:00
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It is still questionable whether there is some effects on using window film while driving in the rain. In fact, driving in the rain is risky due to some factors like unclear sight and slippery roads as well as well as puddle. This way, driving through the puddle potentially causes accidents. 

For more safety and comfort, people usually use a good quality of wipers to keep the tires condition to move well when driving in the rain. Also, controlling the speed is one of the best ways to avoid accidents. Further, it is also important to check the car window film especially when you are driving in the rain. 

Therefore, everyone needs to learn The Effect of Window Film while driving in the rain. Just read our best explanation below:  

The Influence of Window Film Use While Driving 

What are The Effect of Window Film while driving in the rain? Definitely, it is a must to put much attention to the use of car window film particularly when driving through the terrible weather. Driving in the rain will be different from that in the normal weather. An obstructed visibility also requires the driver to arise the carefulness of driving. 

Another point of view suggests that we not use the car window film which is not too dark. Just make sure that the window film darkness level is not more than 40% especially the front one. This way, using the car window film that has more than 40% darkness level can cause the visibility unclear especially at night or in the rain. 

Tips to Choose The Best Window Film 

AC cannot work well when you turn it on while raining falls heavily. It makes the cabin’s temperature warmer than the outside’s temperature. It creates dew covering the inner window film. Accordingly, it is important to bring the vehicle for a regular check-up to ensure there is not any dew appearing. 

You can also replace the wipers rubber regularly and repair the air conditioner if you feel the air temperature is no longer cool. Notice the window film and make sure it doesn’t cause your visibility unclear. 

There are several tips to select the best window film for your car, so, you can ensure the safety of your driving experience. 

Not More than 40%

The first tips to choose the best window film is to ensure that the window film darkness level is not more than 40%. If not, you’ll get an obstructed view. Though you may get your desired privacy, the dark window film will disturb your safety. Thus, it is strongly recommended that you use not more than 40% window film. This will allow you to have visibility range at least 500 meters more in the day. 

UV 400 Feature 

Dealing with The Effect of Window Film while driving in the rain, we are also given the tips to choose a window film with UV 400 feature. This feature functions to protect the vehicle’s skin from the direct sunlight. The UV protection can defeat the sun heat up to 99%. 

UV 400 protection feature makes you and the passengers feel more comfortable. It also enables to keep our skin protected from being infected by the UV. 

Choose the Popular Brand

If you are about to purchase a window film, opt for the popular choice. Truly, each of window fimas come with their own strengths and weaknesses. This way, we recommend that you choose one from the popular brand as it usually has special feature that the other brand’s products do not have. 

Further, a window film from a popular brand can usually fit the weather, temparature and user’s characteristics in Indonesia. 

Fit to The Vehicle’s Color 

Fit the window film you purchase to your vehicle’s color for an easthetic value. Improper colors will make your car uniteresting to look at. Further, it makes the car look untidy since the colors are crashing to each other, runing the basic design of the vehicle. 

Good Selling Point 

The last but not least tips to choose the best window film is to opt for the type that has a good selling point. A good quality window film usually has a good selling point, too. A good window fill usuall has services including color changes, peeling, stain and delamination caused by the improper installation or faulty of manufacturing. 

Now that you know The Effect of Window Film while driving in the rain, you can start thinking of choosing the best window film for your vehicle. More importantly, you should also do the regular maintenance to avoid the dew on the window film. Alternatively, use MPM Rent service to meet your needs of transportation modes. MPM Rent also offers the high quality drivers, the best vehicle’s maintenance, safety and other services. Contact MPM Rent soon for further information! 

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