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Riding in the Rainy Season? Beware the Danger of Aquaplaning

News2023-01-09 10:00:00
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Entering the rainy season, people are asked to be more vigilant when driving their cars. This is because rainy conditions can limit the driver's visibility.

One of the things to watch out for when driving in the rainy season is the danger of aquaplaning. Commonly, aquaplaning is often referred to as blong or brake failure or losing control of the vehicles, usually happens in rainy conditions. If not handled properly, conditions like this can certainly endanger motorists.

Before knowing how to prevent aquaplaning, it's good to know more about the definition. Aquaplaning is a condition in which the vehicle loses traction causing it to lose control. This condition generally occurs during the rainy season due to the large number of standing water due to residual rainwater. Not only does losing control of the vehicle due to weak traction, aquaplaning conditions also make it difficult for you to apply braking thereby increasing the risk of an accident. For this reason, when forced to drive in the rain, drivers are advised to reduce speed to stay alert.

Causes of aquaplaning

A small pool of water on the road  is not the only cause of aquaplaning. There are several factors that can cause a car to experience aquaplaning. The following include:

  1. Puddle

A number of roads in Indonesia have potholes that create puddles after heavy rains. Puddles with significant depth could risk causing the car to lose control due to decreased tire grip when passing through the wet and slippery roads.

  1. Worn out car tires

As an important component, car tires need to be replaced when they are bare or worn out. This prevents accidents that arise due to less optimal function of car tires. Thin, bald, or worn car tires can increase the risk of a car experiencing aquaplaning.

If you notice, every car tire has a groove or pattern design that functions to break up puddles so the tires can tread properly. However, if the tires are bare, the risk of slipping is even greater.

  1. Light weight

One of the factors causing aquaplaning is the lightweight of the car. This is because when a car travels at high speed over a puddle, the car is more at risk of being lifted. If you don't act dexterously, the car will capsize and an accident will occur. Therefore, when it rains, avoid speeding for safety.

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How to deal with aquaplaning

Don't panic right away if you experience aquaplaning while driving because it actually increases the risk of danger. Here's how to deal with aquaplaning conditions that you need to know.

  1. Hold the steering wheel straight

The important thing when aquaplaning occurs is to hold the steering wheel swiftly and straight. When aquaplaning occurs, it is difficult to control the situation, so you have to be on standby to control the vehicle through the streets with puddles.

  1. Apply smooth braking

Do not brake suddenly and too deeply. You need to brake slowly with a pumping motion when driving over slippery roads to avoid skidding. Such braking helps the car drive steadily on slippery roads because it can control the speed of the vehicle so that the car can be controlled properly.

  1. Gently lower the gas pedal

In addition to braking, you also need to gently press and lower the gas pedal. Limit the speed or speed of the car when passing through puddles, especially if your car is relatively light.

  1. Turn off cruise control mode

Many of today's cars are supported by a cruise control feature that is able to maintain the car's speed according to the desired speed. Through this feature, the car can go at a steady speed without having to press the gas pedal continuously.

However, if your car is equipped with this feature, it's best to turn off the feature when driving a car in rainy conditions or on roads with puddles. This is because you need to control your own vehicle and adjust the speed of the vehicle according to the road conditions that will be passed.

  1. Make sure the wipers work properly

Driving in the rainy season requires special attention, one of which is car components that need extra care. One component that is no less important in the rainy season is the car wiper. Make sure this component works properly so you can see road conditions clearly.

Heavy rain can make the car glass covered with rainwater. Use car wipers and low gear when driving to prevent losing control when passing through slopes or winding roads.

  1. Check the condition of the car tires

Another component that needs attention is the car tires. Check the condition of the tires every time you go on a trip to prevent unwanted things, such as flat tires, punctures, and aquaplaning. Make sure the condition of the car tires are not bald or worn out so that grip is optimal so that they can prevent the car from slipping when passing through puddles.

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Another important thing when driving in the rainy season is to control the steering wheel. Always focused, calm, and careful not to speed while on the road. If possible, you can stop the vehicle in the first 10 minutes when it rains. It is that time of risk and danger to drive a vehicle because as the rain pours, the water mixes with dirt, oil and particles on the road and creates a slippery layer. Wait for about 10 minutes before continuing the journey because the heavy rain has cleared the roads until conditions are safer.

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