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Familiarize yourself with Vehicle Providers’ Fleet Management System Features

News2022-09-22 10:00:00
Source : Techdee

Since the emergence of online taxis in Indonesia, many car rental companies have also used their fleets to be registered as online taxis. So that the fleet in car rentals can be used optimally, a car rental service company needs to implement a fleet management system. However, not many people know about fleet management system technology, which turns out to be very easy for car rental companies, logistics, transportation, to mining and construction.

When viewed from the perspective, a fleet management system is a tool, software, or technology that helps transportation companies to optimize their business. This system works by maximizing vehicle utilization, checking vehicle maintenance or service times, monitoring operating vehicles, and even calculating the required fuel.

Fleet management system works by attaching a telematics unit with high sensitivity GPS to the vehicle. This tool will be connected to a cloud-based monitoring system that will facilitate real-time monitoring so that data can be viewed directly on the fleet control & monitoring website or application.

The Features & Benefits of Fleet Management Systems

After knowing the meaning of the fleet management system, then what are the features or benefits of this system for a company?

Monitor the fleet in real-time

Fleet management systems will help companies monitor their fleet in real time, both remotely and close. This system will show fleet performance based on destination, route and usage.

This system will certainly be very important for logistics companies. Where management can monitor the fleet when there is a delay in the delivery of goods. In addition, this system can also minimize the occurrence of customer disappointment with the logistics business or car rental services that you have.

Improve fleet and driver safety

Another benefit of the fleet management system is that it supports the safety of the driver or company staff. This is because the system will work by monitoring vehicle speed, tracking the driver's route, and even seeing the driver's behavior while driving.

Thus, the company can properly monitor the driver when doing something risky, such as speeding, rough acceleration, hard braking, sharp cornering, or violating traffic signs. The Fleet Management System will provide a driver score report and a driving safety report so that the information can be used as a reference for the company in vehicle maintenance.

Efficient fuel Consumption

All fleets used for operational activities require fuel and are quite a drain on the company's budget if not used optimally. The Fleet Management System has features that can help car rental service companies consume more fuel efficiently.

For example, by choosing the most efficient route based on trip history data, informing the closest vehicle to the destination so that the assignment is more efficient, monitoring the fuel tank in real time, informing the most efficient and fuel-intensive vehicle, even some software can monitor and send notifications when it occurs. waste of fuel.

Vehicle condition

Car rental services have an obligation to provide excellent vehicles before renting them out. This is done so that tenants can avoid unwanted things, such as strikes or accidents. Not only that, routine vehicle maintenance can also prevent maintenance costs from increasing when the engine is down.

For this reason, it is mandatory to carry out monthly routine maintenance on the vehicle. Fleet management system will help check engine quality and predict when to do service. This system will even provide notifications or reminders when maintenance time is near.

Meets company and government standards

Car rental service companies certainly have their own standards for the vehicles they own. The Fleet Management System will keep the vehicle in its standard condition in accordance with government or company regulations. One of the features of this system is a reminder if one of the fleets does not comply with government regulations, for example when the vehicle tax has expired.

Digitizing assignments

Only through a smartphone, an operator can give a complete task along with a description of the information to the driver. If the assignment has been completed, the driver can send proof in the form of photos which will be sent directly through the application.

Not only that, an effective fleet management system will facilitate work and minimize human errors. This system will also accommodate management reports.

Improved customer satisfaction

Another benefit of the fleet management system is that it can increase customer satisfaction. For example, for goods and logistics companies, the system will ensure that shipments run efficiently and are well controlled. This can prevent delays. In other words, the features of this system ensure timely delivery, transparency, and product quality security is maintained. This will have an impact on customer satisfaction and your business.

MPM Rent Fleet Management System Services

One of the vehicle rental companies in Indonesia, namely MPM Rent, has a fleet management system service. This service offers solutions for customers to be able to manage and monitor fleet effectiveness to be more efficient, through the Car Pooling System and telematics.

Through the fleet management system, MPM Rent has placed dispatchers at the agreed customer pool locations as car rental services for long-term companies. Like its vision to "Become the best car rental company in Indonesia", MPM Rent as a subsidiary of MPM Group understands customer needs. We prioritize customer satisfaction, guarantee that each fleet is in top condition, and provide car rental services with an easy, fast, and hassle-free process.

Apart from having a fleet management system service, MPM Rent also has other services. The following are MPM Rent services.

Vehicle rental services

MPM Rent has short term and long term (monthly to yearly) rental services to meet your transportation needs. We have various types of vehicles, ranging from passenger cars (passenger cars), commercial vehicles (logistics), luxury cars (luxury cars), and heavy duty vehicles that can be used for off road activities.

We serve the various needs of companies with diverse industrial backgrounds, such as banking, manufacturing, distribution & logistics, and other companies in Indonesia. Car rental services from MPM Rent include vehicle maintenance services, insurance claims, 24-hour contact center, provision of replacement cars, and other administration.

Meanwhile, for short-term car rental services, MPM Rent offers flexible options tailored to your transportation needs. We provide various services such as daily rental, pick-up or drop-off from/to the airport, and the need for convenient, safe, and reliable transportation.

Man power services

We don't only have a fleet management system and car rental services. MPM Rent in collaboration with PT DSS provides quality workforce services, such as driver services, cleaning services, security services, and other support services. Companies can choose MPM Rent services according to their needs.

For the daily mobilization of company directors or staff, you may need the services of a chauffeur. MPM Rent provides professional driver services who have been equipped with the best driving training, route and area knowledge, service ethics, and good manners in order to provide the best service for every customer.

Auction hall and buying and selling used cars

We also have an auction hall called AUKSI which is open to companies or individuals who want to sell motorized vehicles. We also hold auction activities in Jakarta and several cities in Indonesia which are carried out with a transparent process and handled by a professional team.

MPM Rent has a special division, the Japanese Client Business Unit (JCBU) to handle customers from companies and expatriates from Japan.

Why Rent at MPM Rent?

Here are the reasons why your company needs to use the services of MPM Rent:

  • MPM Rent has 13,000 fleet units with various brands and variants consisting of passenger cars, logistics vehicles, heavy duty vehicles, and luxury cars.

  • MPM Rent has 1,500 qualified drivers

  • MPM Rent has Touch Points spread all over Indonesia

  • MPM Rent offers competitive prices

  • MPM Rent has a special division for companies and expatriates from Japan, JCBU

  • MPM Rent has a contact center service 24 hours / 7 days via WA Business (08138 1500068) and phone 1500068

It has 8 branch offices and 17 representative branches. So a total of 25 touch points in Indonesia spread across Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Palembang, Makassar, Medan, Semarang, Bali, Balikpapan, Banjarmasin, Batam, Cilegon, Cirebon, Jambi, Lampung, Malang, Pekanbaru, Pontianak, Samarinda, Solo, Padang, Aceh, Manado, Pangkal Pinang.

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