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Best Car Recommendations for Travel in Nature with Family

News2023-01-13 10:00:00
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After carrying out various activities for months, taking a short leave to release fatigue by means of a vacation is the right choice. You can go on a nature tour visiting cool places that give your mind a time to relax.

Indonesia has many natural attractions that you can visit, even by car. For example, starting from the Tebing Keraton Bandung, traveling to Dieng, the Hutan Pinus (Pine Forest) Mangunan Bantul, Yogyakarta, or those of you who live in Jakarta can visit the Air Terjun Leuwi Hejo (waterfall) which is located in Sentul, Bogor Regency.

To make your trip more practical, you can bring a private car or rent a car at the closest car rental to your vacation location. Several brands and types of cars can be relied upon. Here are the best car recommendations for traveling in nature with family from MPM Rent.

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Toyota New Kijang Innova

If you and your family have mountain tourism destinations, then the Toyota New Kijang Innova can be a suitable car. This car is equipped with an inline 4-cylinder DOHC engine with Dual VVT-i technology with a power of 139 PS / 5,600 rpm with a capacity of 1,998 cc. Meanwhile for the diesel variant, the New Kijang Innova carries a 4-cylinder DOHC inline engine with VNT Intercooler technology which is capable of producing 140 PS/3,400 rpm with a capacity of 2,393 cc.

With this engine, the Toyota New Kijang is very reliable to pass through mountainous areas without grueling. This car is also able to accommodate up to seven passengers with a large trunk to load various kinds of logistics required on the mountain.

Toyota All New Veloz

Still coming from the Toyota manufacturer, the All New Veloz can also be relied upon as a vehicle for traveling in nature. This car has dimensions of 4,475 mm in length, 1,750 mm in width and 1,700 mm in height so that it can be relied on in all road terrain.

To stay comfortable during long trips, you can change the entire configuration of this car seat to long sofa mode. Meanwhile, in terms of features, the car is equipped with wireless charging on the center console, an automatic air conditioning system that will regulate the cabin temperature to remain comfortable, and a 9-inch screen at the top of the cabin on the second row of seats. To further ensure the safety of drivers and passengers, the Toyota New Veloz has been equipped with Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) features, such as Pre-Collision Warning and Braking, Pedal Misoperation Control, Lane Departure Warning and Prevention, and Front Departure Alert.

Toyota All New Rush

Who doesn't know this SUV from Toyota? The Toyota All New Rush has a sporty yet elegant design that is perfect for accompanying your trip with your family. With a spacious cabin and a capacity of up to seven passengers, this car can be one of the best car recommendations for holidays with family.

The Toyota All New Rush has an inline 4-cylinder DOHC type engine with Dual VVT-i technology with a capacity of 1,496 cc which is capable of producing power of 104 PS/6,000 rpm. Thanks to the engine performance, this car is one of the fuel-efficient cars.

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Suzuki Jimny

For those of you who like to do extreme activities, you should travel along offroad tours. This adrenaline-pumping offroad adventure generally requires special cars such as Jeeps, Land Rovers, and others. This is because offroad tourism has tracks full of mud, rocky, narrow paths, uphill, to sharp turns.

One of the car recommendations that are suitable for offroad is the Suzuki Jimny. This tiny jeep from Suzuki has compact dimensions with capabilities that cannot be underestimated.

Suzuki Jimny carries a K15B engine with a capacity of 1,462 cc with 102 PS of power and a maximum torque of 130 Nm. To support offroad capabilities, the Suzuki Jimny is equipped with a 3-Link Rigid Axle and coil springs on the front and rear which can also absorb shocks when crossing uneven roads.

Toyota Fortuner

Another SUV that is suitable for traveling in nature with the family is the Toyota Fortuner. Not only does it have a sporty exterior design, this car, not only one of the most comfortable family cars, but also features off-road capabilities that you can rely on.

The Toyota Fortuner has two engine options, namely 2,400 cc 2G and 2,800 cc 1GD. For the 4x4 type, the Fortuner carries a 2,800 cc 1GD-FTV engine with a 6-speed automatic transmission with Sport Sequential Switchmatic which is capable of producing 201.1 tk of power and a maximum torque of 499.2 Nm.

Daihatsu All New Terios

Switching to an SUV from Daihatsu, there is the All New Terios which has modern features to support the driver while on the go. This 7-seater car is suitable for driving in a car or traveling on long journeys.

No wonder because the All New Terios is equipped with a 2NR VE-DOHC 1.5L engine with dual VVT-i which is capable of producing power reaching 136 Nm at 4,200 rpm and a maximum power of 140 Ps at 6,000 rpm.

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Toyota New Sienta

For those of you who want to go on a road trip, the next mountain tour car recommendation is the Toyota New Sienta. This car can be used as a camper van with a sliding door type that will make it easier for passengers to get in and out of the car.

With prices starting from IDR 325 million, the Toyota New Sienta is one of the vehicles that is suitable for travel in nature. What's more, the third row seats can be folded so that it will increase the area of the car's trunk.

In addition, this car uses a 1,500 cc DOHC 4-cylinder inline engine with Dual VVT-i technology which is capable of producing power reaching 107 ps at 6,000 rpm. To facilitate the driver's visibility while driving at night, the New Sienta is equipped with LEDs.

Those are the recommendations for the best cars for a nature vacation with the family. If you need a car for your vacation, car rental is the best option. You don't have to bother bringing the car from home to your destination. To be more relaxed, you can also use the services of a driver who is one of the car rental services.

For those of you who want to rent a family MPV or SUV type car that is suitable for holidays, rent a car at a low price at MPM Rent. MPM Rent is a car rental service company in Jakarta, Surabaya, Makassar and other big cities in Indonesia that has a variety of cars for rent, ranging from luxury cars, passenger cars, logistics vehicles, and heavy duty vehicles for the long term and short term. For more information, visit MPM Rent.

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