Are you questioning how to know the automatic Toyota Kijang Innova’s shift Solenoid is broken? Find the answer here on our article. Basically, all car owners should know how to recognize the broken solenoid to avoid the worst condition. Further, they should also need to know the fastest and rightest way of maintaining the broken solenoid. 

Kijang Innova is a M

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Today, we come with the best tips on how to take care of car’s white paint correctly. It is pretty easy yet it could be difficult, too. The improper maintenance causes the car’s paint to fade and look uninteresting. Like white clothes, a car with the white paint allows the dirt to be clearly visible. 

White paint is bright, making it looks contrast with the di

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Are you looking for the best procedures on how to wash the car well? If you haven’t looked for the best steps to do it, here we have an article to inform you how to wash the car correctly so you can have a car that will always look clean and shiny. The car will even look new if you perform the right maintenance. 

Possessing a car requires you to keep it clean.

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