Entering the rainy season, people are asked to be more vigilant when driving their cars. This is because rainy conditions can limit the driver's visibility.

One of the things to watch out for when driving in the rainy season is the danger of aquaplaning. Commonly, aquaplaning is often referred to as blong or brake failure or losing control of the vehicles

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Knowing the steps to changing your own car tires can be quite crucial for vehicle owners, especially if you have to get around in a car every day. Imagine if a car tire punctured or went flat in the middle of the road and required a tire change where no one could help.

Changing a car tire yourself is actually not difficult. Besides having the skill to change car ti

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Tires are one important component in a vehicle that has many functions. Not only as the main support and wheels for the car to roll on the road, tires are also required as grippers on the road surface that enable the car to run at a certain speed.

The continuous use of tires thin out the tire surface, thus it would reach a certain dangerous point. This is what trig

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