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6 Tips on How To Take Care of Unused Car when WFH

News2022-03-15 17:00:00
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If you are searching for the tips on how to take care of unused car when WFH, you are in the right site now. In these pandemic years, a number of companies apply WFH to avoid the coronavirus spread. As a result, some people who were going for works by cars are now taking hard effort for their unused car’s maintenance. That is aimed to keep the cars well and avoid the damages. 

As all people know, the cars that are not in use will tend to be broken fast. Therefore, those who are WFH must pay attention to maintain the cars. Later, the high maintenance cost should be taken into account. 

Now let’s check out the tips to take care of unused car below: 

Take Care Of The Car’s Accumulator 

The first tips on how to take care of unused car when WFH is to maintain the car’s accumulator. This is the step that you don’t have to miss out considering that the unused car’s engine will tend to be broken. In this case, the broken accumulator is a fatal problem since you may need to replace it with the new one. Definitely, it needs much money to purchase the new accumulator, doesn’t it? You can even spend eight hundred thousand rupiahs for the new accumulator. 

As the car is unused, you might not recharge the accumulator. The electricity supply is also decreasing though the system is off. The decreasing electricity supply actually depends on the accumulator’s quality. The older the accumulator, the easier it will lose the power to save the electricity. 

To keep the accumulator well, turn on the engine without turning on the electricity. Do this for 10 to 15 minutes. At a time, drive your car in order to work out the accumulator. This way, you don’t have to go driving to the office. Instead, you can drive your car to go to the nearby supermarket to buy your daily needs. 

Check The Wiper 

The second tip is checking the wiper when you park the car in an open parking lot. This is due to the fact that the wiper will easily get damaged if it touches the car’s mirror. So you need to lift the wiper if you park the car in the shady garage at your house. 

Park Correctly 

To take care of your car well during WFH is to park it corectly. In this regards, a garage is conisdered the best place to park your car due to the safety fetaure. Never park your car in the edge of the street. Note, a street is used for public facilities. Further, if you park your car in the garage, the car will be protected from the direct sunlight. For more safety, don’t forget to lock the car with the safety key. 

Car’s Cleanliness 

Just because you don’t use the car doesn’t mean that you don’t clean it. Instead, keeping the car’s cleanliness is one of the best tips on how to take care of unused car when WFH. This way, clean the interior first and continue cleaning the exterior. The ideal schedule is usually weekly. 

Don’t forget to spray the car with the disinfectant that contains anti-corrosive. Don’t spray the car directly yet you can spray the mix to the fiber cloth and wipe the interior including the rim, hand brake, doors and etc. 

Check The Transmission and Handbrake

Never ignore to clean the transmission and handbrake, too. That is because transmission and handbrake deal with the safety factor when you park the car in the flat area. If your car is an automatic type, make sure its position is P. This is aimed to prevent your car from moving by itself. 

Wind Pressure On Tire 

If you park the car too long, it is possible that the tire doesn’t fully have the wind pressure. This will cause the car imbalance when driven. Try to drive forward and backward in and out of the garage to keep the tire having a stable wind pressure. 

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In short, keep the tips on how to take care of unused car when WFH we have just shared above and don’t hesitate to visit MPM Rent anytime you need. You can either visit the official sites for online information or visit the real office directly. 

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