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11 Noted Requirements to Propose Car Rental for Company

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There are a few noted requirements to propose car rental for company today. They are all considered easy and quick to process so you don’t have to buy a new car for business use. In the past, car rental is aimed for vacation or family purposes. However, the rentals expand its services to provide vehicles for office use, too. 

If a business you run is just a startup, renting car can be a great solution as it will not ruin the unstable finance of the company. It is also considered more beneficial to rent a car rather than buy a new unit. 

So here are the requirements you should fill in order to rent a car for a company use: 

Complete The Rental Proposal

The first requirements to allow you for car rental is to complete the rental proposal. In this first step, you should prepare a formal document regarded as a proposal letter. In the letter, you are required to mention the car type you are going to rent whether it is a luxurious car, passenger car or the one for logistics purposes. 

A Copy of Director’s Identity Card

A company should have a director. Thus, you are required to enclose a copy of the director’s identity card. Before you hand out your documents, you will be required to show the original form. Later, the car rental will return all of the original documents and take just the copies. 

A Copy of The Tenant’s Identity Card 

The next requirements to propose car rental for company is a copy of the tenant’s identity card. if you yourself are the tenant, prepare a copy of your identity card. However, you are still required to show your original identity card. 

A Copy of the Tenant’s Family Card

A copy of the tenant’s family card must also be enclosed along with the original form to show to the car rental. This is the third forth requirements you should fill if you want to rent a car for your company. 

A Copy of Electricity Bill, Tax Bill and Water Bill 

Though it sounds too complicated, a car rental will ask your for a copy of the company’s electricity bill, tax bill and water bill. These bills will let the rental know how big is the company’s bills the company needs to pay every month. 

In most cases, the bills required are the ones that you have paid three months ago. 

A Copy of A Driving License 

Renting a car for a company comes in two ways, with or without a driver service. If you rent the car without the driver service, you will be required to enclose a copy of you’re a dribing license. If you don’t have this document, you shuould rent the car along with the driver service. 

 A Copy of Company Certificate 

The next requirements to propose car rental for company you need to prepare is a copy of company certificate. This document is an important formal proof of the company’s founding. In the other words, the certificate shows that the company was found formally. 

This certificate is a must not only for a company but also for small business you start running. A company’s certificate shows the business legality in law. Ifc a company doesn’t have this tyor of certificate, it is absolutely considered that the company is just illegal. 

A Copy of SIUP

In indonesia, SIUP stands for Surat Izin Usaha Perdagangan. It is an allowance letter for running a trade. If your company doesn’t have this document, your business operation is also considered illegal. 

A Copy of Company’s NPWP

NPWP stands for Nomor Pokok Wajib Pajak. It is a tax ID number that either an individual or a company should have to run the business activities dealing with the tax. The main function of this document is being a means of tax administration. 

NPWP is also a used for public services. It is the tax ID number that a company should have and show to the car rentals in order to rent the car for business purposes.  

A Copy of TDP 

What is TDP? In Indonesia, it stands for Tanda Daftar Perusahaan. TDP is a formal note used to legalize the business operation. TDP is also the last step to register a business operation in Indonesia. 

TDP is the company’s identity, too. It is guaranting the business lifespan. It also functions to give crucial information about the company. 

A Copy of Company’s Domicile 

The last requirements to propose car rental for company is a copy of the company’s domicile. This functions to inform the company’s formal domicile including the address. This documents shows the company’s legality, too. 

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