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6 Car Rental Corporation Terms for Company Inventory

News2022-05-29 17:00:00
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Have you ever known what the car rental corporation terms for company inventory are? If you have not, then it’s time to scroll down this article page. Truly, car is one of the most important inventories that a company should have. This way, most companies need a car for their mobility and daily operations. Using the right car will ensure the ease and efficiency of how the company works. 

Instead of purchasing a new car, renting one unit can be the right option as it will fit the daily, weekly and even monthly need of a vehicle. The suitable vehicle you rent from a car rental supports the way your company looks professional. Further, there is a difference between the car you use for office and the one for personal purpose. A car for office indicates the company’s credibility. 

So what are the car rental corporation terms for company inventory? Check out the explanation below: 

Complete Administration 

The first car rental corporation term is to complete the administration. Make sure that you complete it before proposing a car rental for your company. What are they? 

  1. A Copy of Identity Card

The first term that you should fulfill as one of administration terms is the director’s and the tenant’s identity card copies. Each company has a director or a leader. So you must submit his/her identity card copies. Further, the car rental usually need to see the original identity card. No worry, this original document will be returned to you at that moment. 

  1. A Copy of Family Card

The next document you should prepare is a copy of family card. As required, you will also need to show the car rental your original family card to ensure that the document is absolutely yours. 

  1. A Copy of Electricity Bill, Water Bill and Property Tax  Bill 

Your company needs also to give a copy of electricity bill, water bill and property tax bill. Generally, the car rental ask these documents to find out how much the bills that your company should pay. 

  1. Deed of Company 

Later, the document that your company should enclose to complete the administration term is the deed of company copies. The deed of company is an important document that shows the company’s  legality. 

Both the big and small company should have this kind of document in order to get legality from the law. Thus, if your company doesn’t have it, then it is illegal. As a consequence, you cannot propose for a car rental. 

The Company Should Have Operating License 

The second car rental corporation terms for company inventory is the operating license. Yes, each company running on a business should have an operating license. Show your company’s SIUP that indicates legality. SIUP stands for Surat Ijin Usaha Perdagangan which means an operating license for running a business. 

Pay The Tax Bill Regularly 

Make sure that your company pay the tax bills regularly by showing your company’s text ID number. This way, a text ID number has become one of the public service administration terms. Well, a good company will pay the tax bill and it will receive a permission of using the facility. 

The Company Has Been Registered 

In order that you are able to rent a car for your company’s inventory, your company must have been registered in a TDP, Tanda Daftar Perusahaan. It is a legal document that legalizes your company so that it can run a business. A TDP also provides other valuable information. 

Driving Ability 

Simple to understand, if you can drive, you can rent the vehicle. So make the car rental sure by showing your driving license, especially if you rent the car without a driver. However, if you don’t have a driving license, you had better choose the car rental package along with the driver service. 

The Company’s Domicile Letter

The last but not least corporation term to complete is the company’s domicile letter. Submit this letter to explain your company’s legal location. 

All in all, those are the car rental corporation terms for company inventory that you should complete if you want to rent a car for office use. However, to keep your company’s credibility, taking a reputable car rental is highly recommended. In this case, MPM Rent is a popular car rental in Indonesia. It provides a professional service including the long term package and the short term package that the tenants can personalize to meet the company’s need. So let’s opt for MPM Rent now! 

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