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9 Tips for Modifying Your MPV Car

News2022-09-13 08:00:00
Source : Otomotif Kompas

To give a different impression, many vehicle owners make modifications to their vehicles. For beginners, small scale car modifications such as changing car accessories can be a satisfying endeavor. Currently, any type of car can be modified according to your specifications, including the Multi Purpose Vehicles (MPV). These types of cars are usually used for day-to-day activities. Therefore, you should not make arbitrary modifications, and make sure all modifications contribute to making any future trips safe and comfortable.

If you are looking for modification ideas for your favorite MPV car, here are some options that you can apply.

Car Seat Modification

A comfortable seat is one of the things that can make your driving experience a more comfortable endeavor. If you are not satisfied with the original car seat, you can modify it. There are at least three types of car modifications, namely a complete overhaul, a semi-patented seat modification, and a modified seat cover, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.

For patent car seat modifications or a total overhaul, the time to implement the improvement takes much longer and the overall process is more complicated because it starts with removing the seat’s old layer, measuring the shape and foam that matches the vehicle's default seat and then replacing it with the new upholstery material. Although it looks complicated, the result from doing so will make the car seat more fit, neat, and comfortable.

The next car seat modification is a semi-patent improvement which is quite in demand lately. The process is easier and faster, unlike a complete overhaul. The old upholstery will not be removed, but instead coated or stacked with seat covers.

The easiest and cheapest seat modification is to coat the car seat with a sarong. Coating car seats not only gives a different impression, but also protects the original car seat material from any potential dirt. The cost of this type of modification varies depending on the material, design, and color of choice. Generally, the costs ranges from IDR 500 thousand to IDR 5 million.

Sticker Modifications

MPV cars can indeed be regarded as “the car of a million people” when compared to other types of cars. You will be able to find many MPV cars of the same color and variant being driven upon Indonesian roads. MPV car modifications can be implemented through installing a cutting sticker on your vehicle’s body, thereby making your vehicle more personalized. However, before modifying the exterior of your car, make a sample model first so you don't regret it in the future. If you are bored with the standard color of your car, you can change the wrapping or technical packaging of your vehicle, better adjusting it to your choice.

We recommend that you choose the best car sticker cutting services for the sake of maintaining quality. One of the characteristics of high-quality stickers is that the adhesive will not damage the car paint if peeled off and the glue does not smell, which can last up to five years.

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Audio Modifications

Other car modifications can be made to your car’s audio system. Vehicles used for daily activities coupled with living within a congested area where you have to deal with daily traffic jams ultimately leads you to spending a lot of time in the car. In order to avoid getting bored quickly, entertainment is needed while travelling in the car. Therefore, and audio upgrade might be sorely needed.

If the original unit from the manufacturer is not enough, you can upgrade it with a touch screen and additional features; you can change the speakers or add tweeters, subwoofers, as well as extra power. For the price of car audio modifications, of course, it will depend on the type of modification being made. However, if you want to improve an MPV car’s audio system, prepare a budget of around Rp. 3 million to Rp. 15 million. '

Wheel Modifications

One type of car modification that can be installed is improvement conducted on the car’s wheels. This type of modification is common. However, you need to be aware that MPV cars are mostly family based cars and usually function to carry many passengers and goods at once. Therefore, any modification done to an MPV car’s wheels should be done so an overall level of comfort is maintained.

It is important to know about the various components within the wheel so that it can be adjusted to your specific needs. After that, you can choose the appropriate model and diameter. You should not just choose the size of the wheel because you are impressed by the design, even when it doesn't necessarily match the car. For example, if your car has 15 and 16 inch alloy wheels, then 17 and 18 inch wheels are recommended.

It's not just a matter of size to consider, but also the brand of the wheels. Avoid using replica wheels of questionable quality that can potentially endanger your safety. Instead of using famous brand replica wheels, it's better to choose locally made wheels with a good reputation. The cost of modifying car wheels starts from Rp. 4 million.

Installing a Roof Rack

You can also modify a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) by installing a roof rack. Roof racks not only change the overall appearance of the car, but can also be used as a convenient storage area for extra items when needed along your travels, especially for those of you who like to travel long distances or go on road trips.

To install a roof rack, you can usually drill through the roof of the car or clamp it on the roof bone. The most important thing is to install it carefully, so that there are no leaks or the roof rack is detached. To modify this model, costs start from Rp. 1 million.

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Installing a Sunroof

The addition of a sunroof to your MPV car will help make your vehicle appear more elegant and luxurious. A Sunroof is an extra window or glass that can be fitted on the roof of a car which can form at a certain angle when opened. This can be a dream for some people, besides being able to make it easier for you to enjoy the sunny weather, the sunroof is also used as a means of air circulation within the car. If you want to install a sunroof on your vehicle, prepare around IDR 15 million to IDR 25 million depending on the type you use.

Suspension Upgrade

Most cars have been made with a specific suspension that is tailored to the needs of driving. This suspension will determine what kind of road conditions the vehicle can pass.

Well, you can modify it by upgrading the suspension components on your MPV car. For example, the use of shock absorbers, springs, or other components to increase the default suspension.

Car Light Upgrade

Tips for car modification are actually not only by preparing a large budget. Only by changing certain ornaments, you can also see small changes to the vehicle, one of which is by upgrading your car's lighting.

Pay attention again whether your car's headlights provide good enough lighting at night? You can replace the bulb or lamp cover so that the beam of light becomes brighter. If you have more budget and want to make your headlights better, replace the headlights with LED or High Intensity Discharge (HID) to make them brighter but not dazzling.

MPV Car Body Kit Modifications

The appearance of a standard car for some people feels unsatisfactory. Minor modifications by adding a bodykit are not done a little. One part of the bodykit that is often modified is at the bottom, such as the lips and side skirts which function to minimize the entry of wind under the car so that the vehicle remains stable and does not sway at high speeds.

Installation of the body kit as long as it is still within safe limits and does not interfere with the car's construction is allowed. Moreover, the body kit sometimes adds to the weight of the car which is quite significant so that fuel consumption can be more wasteful.

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Know the Components to Avoid

Indeed there are lots of car components that can be modified. However, it turns out that there are some dangerous car modifications that should not be done, what are they?

  • Changing wheels and tires beyond the manufacturer's recommendations

Previously mentioned if changing wheels and tires is commonplace. But the problem is when modifying the wheels and tires beyond the manufacturer's standards. This is because it is dangerous because it affects the comfort and safety side. Unless you modify the car for the needs of the contest.

  • Lower ground clearance

Many people think that lowering the ground clearance or making the car flatter will make the car more stylish and aerodynamic. However, it is also dangerous, especially when the car is used for daily use. You will find it difficult to maneuver or avoid potholes.

  • Changing the horn

Many motorists change the horn, even though its function is as a form of communication with other motorists. Modifying a car horn has its own rules, especially for those who install a rotator to make it look like a police car. In addition to harming other road users, you run the risk of getting a ticket.

  • Metal Coating

To make a sporty and dashing impression, many car owners have modified their vehicles by coating the gas pedal, clutch, or brake with a slippery methane plate. This is dangerous because there is a risk of slipping, creating an uncontrollable gas pedal.

  • Windshield

The car glass windshield is an accessory that can be a basic requirement for the vehicle. Its function is not only to reduce the level of sunlight that gets into the car, but also to add to the aesthetic value of the car. However, you should know the applicable regulations such as in the Decree of the Minister of Transportation Number KM.439/U/PHB-76 regarding the use of glass in motorized vehicles.

  • HID lamp

HID lamps are in vogue these days. Modifying the HID lamp is actually allowed as long as it does not endanger other drivers. If you plan to modify the headlamp using HID, don't forget to look at the intensity of the light emitted so that it doesn't dazzle other drivers.

  • Replacing the bumper

Changing the original bumper with an aftermarket is one of the easiest and fastest ways to modify your car. Unfortunately, if done incorrectly, it holds the potential to be dangerous because it can close the airbag sensor on the front of the car.

These car modification tips do not only apply to the MPV segment but also to other types of cars, such as SUVs, city cars, or hatchbacks. Before making modifications, don't forget to determine the theme first, for example a classic or sports theme on the exterior. After that, draw up an estimate of the costs needed for the spare parts, accessories, as well as the cost of dismantling and installing. With proper financial planning, you can potentially reduce the purchase cost of parts that do not match the predetermined modification’s overall theme.

For those of you who are new to car modification, it's a good idea to join the car community. You can get a lot of car modification tips, information on suitable and affordable parts, or just share the experiences of those who have modified their vehicles first. So much information about MPV car modification tips, hopefully it's useful!

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