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9 Risks If the Car Is Kept Parked Too Long and Rarely Used

News2023-01-11 10:00:00
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One of the myths about vehicles is that the less often they are used, the more durable and intact the car will be. This is of course not correct, the fact is that leaving your car parked in the garage for too long will actually damage your vehicle quickly.

There are actually many risks if the car is rarely used. Some of the crucial components of a vehicle can deteriorate quickly due to being idle or rarely heated. To avoid this, you should read this article to know the risks that can happen to rarely used cars.

  1. Soaked battery

The first risk if the car is rarely used is brought to the electrical system or battery. The battery performance could be problematic if the car is parked for a long time since the voltage is reduced and the car battery becomes soaked.

Another impact, the car will be difficult to start so that the battery easily loses power to store electricity. To fix this, you need to turn on the engine for at least 5 to 10 minutes every week. Afterwards, you need to run the car occasionally to keep the battery charged optimally.

  1. Flat tire

Letting the car always in a stationary position and the bottom of the tires remain flat on the ground will cause the tires to lose the air volume. If the car is rarely used, then its tires are prone to have fine leaks. The solution for this is by running the car two to three times a week. It doesn't take long and it only requires you to regularly bring the car in and out of the garage.

  1. The fuel settles

Another effect on the car as it is rarely used is having the fuel settled. Indonesia's tropical climate makes the air humid and causes condensation on the fuel tank and lines inside an idle car.

This may cause the fuel to be infused with water and thereby reduce the quality of the fuel. Besides that, there is also a risk of rust to build up on the iron tank or fuel lines. If the car uses bio-diesel, the effect will actually cause deposits and clog the fuel lines.

To prevent this from happening, when you warm up your car, you need to check the water separator and fuel filter indicators on the meter cluster. If necessary, inspect and replace the fuel filter regularly to let gasoline be filtered and free of dirt particles, thereby preventing rust in the tank.

  1. Rust on discs

Cars that are not often used can potentially have rust on the discs surface. Even more so if the car is parked in a location without a roof and is exposed to rain. If left too long, its brake performance can be reduced and make noises when the car is on the road. To prevent this, you can drive the car for 3-5 meters just to have the brake pads to create friction because it helps to eliminate the rust on the discs.

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  1. Damage to electronic features

Another risk if the car is rarely used is damage to its electronic features, namely the entertainment, head units, power windows, and mirror adjustments. We recommend that when you warm up the car, you need to play all the available buttons to keep it moving.

  1. Mold on the car

Having a pristine and shiny car exterior is what all vehicle owners wish for. However, you need to be mindful that leaving your car parked too long may cause the car to look otherwise with mold appearing on the car body. One of the places where mold starts to appear would be on the exterior, especially on the painted surface and it causes your car to lose its beauty.

Usually the fungus that appears on the exterior is caused by the car being covered with a sheath, even the potential for mold growth can also occur on the interior. To prevent this, occasionally you need to dry the car. Open all windows so that air circulation runs smoothly.

  1. Dust in AC ducts

Another car component that is affected if the car is rarely used is the air conditioner. This is because car air conditioners are susceptible to collecting dust and germs which affect the air quality in the cabin.

If the car is not used frequently, don't forget to turn on the AC for at least 10-15 minutes every week. This method can prevent the freon cooling gas from settling and still maintain air circulation.

  1. Hardened wipers

Car wipers not moving or becoming hardened are also a risk when the car is rarely used. Such wipers can damage the window and interfere with the visibility. To fix this, you can put foam on the wipers so they don't get directly on the windshield.

  1. Rusty tank

Areas of the tank that are not filled with fuel are at risk of rusting or condensation. This happens because when the car is rarely used and left with a nearly empty tank then its float wire indicator could get affected. Due to the float wire indicator not working properly, the indicator needle on the instrument panel becomes inaccurate.

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Tips on heating a car that is rarely used

If you don't travel every day by car, be sure to warm up your vehicle at least 3 times a week. This keeps the engine and car components functioning properly. Here are tips on heating a car that is rarely used.

  1. Warm up the car for about 10-15 minutes. Basically the duration of heating the car will vary depending on the rotation of the radiator. You need to pay attention to the rotation of the radiator fan to ensure that the car engine reaches heat according to its working temperature.

  2. In order for the circulation in the car cabin to remain clean and comfortable, when heating up your car, do open all the windows. Also check the interior of the car for any remaining dust and dirt.

  3. While warming up the car engine, you need to operate all the car's features to check whether they are still functioning properly or if something needs to be serviced.

  4. To prevent heating the car for a long time, you should turn off the air conditioner. If you heat both together, the radiator fan will also cool the engine. If you want to check that the radiator fan component is still working, you can turn on the car air conditioner after the process of heating the car is complete.

  5. Move the parking position after the car is warmed up. This prevents the shape of the tire from turning into a dent on one side due to supporting the car's weight for too long at one point.

Caring for a car that is rarely used is actually fairly easy. To keep the car in good condition, do not leave your car unused for too long and clean the car regularly to prevent moisture and mold. Don't forget to do regular service to maintain the performance of a car that is rarely used.

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