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9 Tips for Caring for a Car During the Rainy Season So It Doesn't Damage Quickly

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The rainy season is a time for vehicle owners to be more vigilant and know tips on caring for a car during the rainy season. This is because cars are very vulnerable to exposure to rainwater which is acidic and can cause damage if not cared for properly. Moreover, if the car is used for daily mobilization, during the rainy season there is a high probability of rain and even flooding.

Cars that are exposed to rain or flooded can damage many components, especially their electrical systems. Not only that, another problem that can arise in your car in the rainy season is the occurrence of rust on various parts of the car. Even if it is not cared for properly, the interior of the car will develop an unpleasant odor due to humidity and dampness, causing mold to form in the cabin.

Compared to having to repair a car in a garage and spending a bigger budget, it's better to take care of the car to avoid the risk of damage. Here are tips on caring for a car during the rainy season.

1. Dry the car immediately

The first tip for caring for a car during the rainy season is to dry the car immediately after being exposed to rainwater. Make sure if the seepage of rainwater that enters the car has been properly drained.

Avoid rainwater that sticks to the body to dry on its own because the car's body paint becomes damaged more quickly. The damage starts with the said water forming mold and rust on the protective layer of the car body. Use special car soap when washing cars exposed to rainwater.

2. Clean the windshield of the car

Driving in the rainy season is prone to the risk of accidents if you are not careful. One of the ways to drive safely during the rainy season is to make sure the windshield is always clean and clear so that visibility is not reduced.

Caring for the windshield of a car is fairly easy. You just need to clean the glass regularly right after use or when it's exposed to rain. When driving under pouring rain, it's best to turn on the car's air conditioner with temperatures that are not so cold. This trick can help clear up the appearance of the windshield from adhering dew.

3. Use car covers when parked

As you know, rain water can damage the paint layer of the car. Because you can't predict the rain that will fall, it's best to use a car cover when your vehicle is parked in the open to protect it from raindrops and dust.

Use a good quality car cover so as not to damage the car paint. This is because car paint can be damaged if the car is covered with a car cover for too long. After the rain is over, immediately remove the car cover then wash and wipe the car dry.

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4. Park the car in a dry area

Entering the rainy season, you should avoid parking your car in a place that is damp and lacks air circulation. This will increase the risk of mold and rust forming on the car which often appears in the glass area, dashboard, car ceiling, upholstery or carpet.

5. Routinely check engine components

Rainwater can get into the cracks of the car and rust and even damage car components. For this reason, vehicle owners need to carry out periodic maintenance on the engine and components in accordance with the recommendations in the manual. You can carry out routine maintenance at an official repair shop so that the car remains optimal when driving during the rainy season.

6. Check the condition of the car wipers

Tips for caring for a car during the next rainy season is to make sure you regularly change the car wiper rubber. As a component that functions as a windshield cleaner from dust and rain splashes, car wipers must always be in optimal condition.

An easy way to care for wiper rubber is to use rain repellent products to keep the rubber awake and durable. However, you also need to replace the wiper rubber every six to 12 months.

7. Use silicone spray

The rainy season makes the rubber on the glass and doors become damaged more quickly. To maintain the flexibility of glass rubber and car doors, use silicone spray regularly. This lubricant contains silica molecular elements which function to protect the exterior material from damage during the rainy and hot seasons.

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8. Keeps the interior dry

Tips for caring for a car during the next rainy season is to keep the car interior dry. As you know, when it rains, drivers or passengers generally enter with wet footwear.

This condition will cause mold that makes the car smell bad. To avoid this, you can put old newspapers on the car carpet and then replace them when they are dirty and wet. This trick will save you from having to wash the carpet after every day. However, to keep the interior of the car clean, you also need to wash the car carpet regularly.

9. Avoid flooding

If you don't want your car to be easily damaged when you enter the rainy season, the right way to care for your car is to avoid flooding. You should know the locations that are prone to flooding every year so as to minimize the potential for cars to encounter flooding. However, if you cannot avoid flooding, the first step is not to start the engine to avoid the risk of water hammering. Next, remove the battery cable to avoid the risk of a short circuit which damages the electrical components. After that, take the car to the safest location by pushing the car if the puddle is not that high. If possible, make an emergency service call to an authorized repair shop.

Driving during the rainy season does require caution in order to drive safely and comfortably. The most important step is to take care of the car which can be done easily at home or checking car components regularly to an official repair shop. Thus information about car care tips during the rainy season. Find other automotive-related information at MPM Rent.

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