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Documents as Collateral that Must Be Submitted when Renting a Vehicle

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As time goes by, companies will grow. They will have to do new innovations to improve their work. It may include operational needs of a company – and how it will increase from time to time. One of them is the need of an operational vehicle for doing business activities. If you decide to buy a car, the needs for funds and budgets will naturally increase. 

However, there is no need to worry as there is rental vehicle service that can cater to your needs. Instead of buying cars, why not renting them? You just have to prepare the documents as collateral that must be submitted when renting a vehicle. Once you have prepared them and you choose a trusted provider, like MPM Rent, you are good to go.

The Renting Requirements for Businesses

It’s imperative that you understand the details of the renting requirements, especially if you want the process to go quickly and easily. As it was mentioned before, you don’t need to buy a personal vehicle just to be able to run the operational activities. Simply rent them and off you go! After all, today’s car rental isn’t only for holiday or leisure travel only. You can also use the rental services for your business operation. Instead of buying one, you can definitely save up money with the rental.

So, what are the documents as collateral that must be submitted when renting a vehicle? Make sure you read the following details carefully. 

Rental Application

Companies are required to make a rental application beforehand. The application is formal. The information about the type of vehicle to rent should be included there. Make sure that you make a clear rental application with detailed information that is easily understood. There are many types of fleet to choose, including logistic rides, passenger cars, and luxurious cars. 

A Copy of Director’s Identity

Every company must have a leader; thus, a director. To apply for a rental request, you need to include a copy of the director’s identity. Before you submit the copy, don’t forget to take the original identity card with you – just to show it to the rental company. After checking the original card, the company will return it to you and take the copy instead. 

A Copy of Renter’s Identity

You must also include a copy of the renter’s identity card, especially the one using the vehicle. If you are the one renting the vehicle, then you need to prepare several copies while providing the original one to the rental company. 

A Copy of Renter’s Family ID Card

This is another document that must be included during the rental application process. This is crucial because the rental company wants to know the detailed information about the client. It is done to ensure the reliability and trustability of the renter to prevent further issues later on. 

A Copy of Important Documents

You need to prepare crucial documents that include electricity bill, property taxes, and water bill. With these documents, the rental company can learn about the renter’s responsibility related to bills. You need to prepare at least a 3-month documentation as the requirements.

A Copy of Company’s Proof of Business Ownership

The reason why you need to include this document is to show that the company is completely legit and legal. Not only it proves the company’s existence, but it also shows that it is official. This documentation applies to all kinds of businesses – big or small. 

A Copy of Driver’s License

If you want to borrow a vehicle, you should be able to drive it. That’s why the driver license is crucial

A Copy of Company’s Tax Report

The number is crucial because the rental service will have to check the company’s identity, including its tax reports. 

Now that you understand the overall requirements of renting a vehicle, you should be able to prepare them all. Let’s not forget that you should choose a reliable provider like MPM Rent for convenient renting. If you want to get the best offers, simply visit them at Don’t forget to prepare the documents as collateral that must be submitted when renting a vehicle carefully. 

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