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How to Notice A Problematic Old Car Spark Plug and How To Take Care of It

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Are you looking for the tricks on how to notice a problematic old car spark plug and how to take care of it? Feel lucky as we are going to share you our article discussing that topic. Well, purchasing an old car potentially lead you to get a problematic car spark plug, right? In fact, a car spark plug is a vital component that a vehicle has as a heart. Once it breaks, the car won’t turn on. So, if you cannot turn on the car well, then it is recommended to check the spark plug before the other components. 

Here are the explanation to check out more about a problematic spark plug that your old car may have. 

Wasting Too Much Fuel 

If you think that your car recently wasted too much fuel, the spark plug is probably in trouble. Instead of wasting your money on consuming the fuel, you can check the spark plug that might be broken. 

Believe it or not, delaying to replace the spark plug with the new one is not saving your expense. In fact, the damage on the spark plug cause the fuel consumption increasing up to 30%. Thus, if you often consume much more fuel than you think of, it’s just the time to replace it. 

Yellow Layer on The Spark Plug 

Do you often see your spark plug with yellow layer? This is probably due to the additive materials that are unintentionally added to the engine. These materials can cause the insulator material colors get yellowing and even a bit wet. 

Blocked Acceleration 

The next tricks on how to notice a problematic old car spark plug you should know is the late acceleration at which you cannot accelerate the car well when turning it on. This indicates that you need to replace the spark plug. 

The trouble on the acceleration will strongly show up when your car carries more passengers. Again, there might be other additive materials that make the car perform with imbalance. 

The Round Is Not Smooth 

The broken spark plug can also be recognized through what you feel while you are turning on the engine. This way, you will know whether the car works well or not. When the spark plug is broken, the round is no longer smooth. 

The Vibration Doesn’t Work Well In The Engine

How is the vibration you feel when you turn on the engine? If it is not good, the spark plug may be get damaged. The vibration is no longer normal. This won’t happen if the spark plug is in a good condition. 

The Spark Plug Is Browning 

To know whether the spark plug is broken or not, look if its color changes. The broken spark plug is browning. However, to make sure, you can directly check the physical condition. If it is broken already, you had better replace it with the new one. 

The Spark Plug Is Reddish 

the spark plug’s color can also change into reddish. This occurs when you haven’t change it for a long time. The reddish spark plug can be caused by an overheat. This way, you could also check the cooling system as it might also be in trouble. 

The Spark Plug Is Black 

If you notice your car’s spark plug is black, it is absolutely broken. The black spark plug indicates the damage on the fuel system. Bring your car to the workshop to have it repaired as soon as possible. 

Heavy Gas Lever 

The next trick on how to notice a problematic old car spark plug is the heavy gas lever. When it is too heavy to pull, the car doesn’t work properly. It is caused by the imbalance or power produced by the cylinders. 

How To Take Care of Spark Plug 

It is pretty easy to take care of the car spark plug. In this regards, you need only to clean the spark plug regularly in order to get rid of any dust or dirt. You can adjust the electrode range and install it properly. 

All in all, you should not ignore the fact that the spark plug is broken. Check it regularly especially when you feel something wrong with the car. To recognize the characteristic of broken spark plug, you can find the tricks on how to notice a problematic old car spark plug we have already described on this article. In this regards, you can consider using MPM Rent service which provides you the best car rental in Indonesia. Definitely, MPM Rent offers the entire service of transportation necessity. 

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