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10 Best Fuel Saving Tips for Daily Driving

News2022-05-30 17:00:00
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How have you been consuming fuel for your vehicle? If it has been wasteful, then you must try our fuel saving tips for daily driving now. When the fuel price is significantly increasing from times to times, drivers should start thinking how to save the fuel if they are going to drive the car every day. Think wisely and decide rightly to avoid the wasteful consumption.

Many people think that the way they save fuel is influenced by the engine configuration and vehicle’s specifications. That’s not totally true. There are still other factors that help save the fuel, one of which is the driving habit. 

Now let’s check out the fuel saving tips we are sharing below for your daily driving. 

Plan Your Trip

The first thing you can easily start to do to save the fuel consumption is to make a plan of your trip. Without a plan, you may waste fuel more than you are supposed to. Note, driving in a hurry will just lead you to waste more fuel. Further, it can also cause you to get accident. 

Keep The Vehicle Speed 

If you tend to drive daily for going work, keep your vehicle speed to let your car to consume the fuel sufficiently. Believe it or not, driving too fast needs higher amount of fuel than driving in a stable speed which is constantly 60 to 80 kilometers per hour. It would also be better if you drive the car stably. 

Avoid “Stop and Go”

The next fuel saving tips for daily driving to inspire you is to avoid the stop and go either you use the automatic or manual vehicle. If you take an automatic brake, the speed will decrease drastically, requiring much higher energy to move again. If you do that for over time, you may consume fuel wastefully. 

Keep The Car Engine Rotation 

Car engine rotation also plays an important role in saving the fuel. In this tips, the driver must keep the engine rotating low. If the engine rotates too high or the RPM is much higher than 2,000, the vehicle will typically need more fuel to work. 

Use the Manual Transmission and Shift The Gear Properly 

Don’t forget to use the manual transmission and shift the gear properly. A car with manual transmission requires the driver shift the gear properly to avoid consuming too much fuel. If you are used to shift the gear slowly, the engine RPM will get higher, causing the engine to consume too much fuel. 

Maximize The Engine Brake 

To save the fuel for daily trip, you can also try our tips to maximize the engine brake. This way, engine brake is used to reduce the vehicle’s speed. The driver is required to know which road to drive on in order to know the right time to reduce the speed and to avoid stepping on the brake too fast. 

Keep Your Distance from The Car in Front of You

It is always warned that a driver should keep the distance from the car in front of you. Well, this is just the common way to avoid the sudden maneuver like the stop and go. If you drive slowly, release your gas pedal slowly and use the engine brake. If you know the right time to step on the brake, do it slowly as well. 

No Kick Down 

The next fuel saving tips for daily driving you need to try is no kick down you perform with your automatic car. “Kick down” is actually fully pressing the gas suddenly to get instant acceleration. This won’t help save the fuel so you must try to avoid doing it. Kick down is just an aggressive way of driving. Sadly, it potentially leads to an accident. 

Avoid Loading Unnecessarily 

Avoid loading unnecessarily like carrying the heavy goods that causes your engine to work hard. Bring only the things you need most. This is aimed that your engine will not work so hard and use extra fuel. 

Avoid Crowded Street and Busy Time 

The last tips you can try is to avoid crowded street and busy time. In those situation, it would be very possible for driving “stop and go.” This require you to consume much more fuel than driving on the unobstructed street.  

If you are forcefully driving in such situation, shift to N position to save the fuel if you drive an automatic vehicle. 

Now you have known the fuel saving tips for daily driving to try starting from today or tomorrow. However, if you don’t want to take hard in driving, consider using MPM Rent that serves all services about transportation. MPM Rent is a car rental company that has been popular and reputable to serve with the professional service. Further, it allows the tenant to personalize the rental package to meet his own needs. If you are interested in MPM Rent, just don’t hesitate to contact. 

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