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This is the reason why Avanza and Xenia are the Most Popular Cars to Rent

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For safety and convenience reasons, many people prefer to rent a car out instead of using mass transportation. Especially if you are planning to go on a vacation with your family, where comfort can be a crucial factor in ensuring a comfortable ride for your young children. Through renting a car, traveling will be a much more flexible endeavor, due to the fact that you are free to stop and rest on your own volition.

When planning to rent a car, you will be faced with a variety of choices. Car rental service providers usually have many choices to choose from so as to support the needs of their customer, for example the need for passenger cars or commercial cars which are required for business purposes.

For passenger vehicles, Multi-Purpose Vehicles (MPV) are the most frequently rented type of car. Of the many MPV models from various car brands, Daihatsu Xenia and Toyota Avanza are the most popular. This is because this car has many advantages, ranging from holding a large capacity of space, being fuel efficient, and also being well-known as a durable vehicle unlikely to break down or incur damage, further being equipped with a comprehensive range of security and safety features.

Before renting a Daihatsu Xenia or Toyota Avanza, let's get accustomed to the history and various advantages of each of these cars first.

History of the Toyota Avanza

The Toyota Avanza’s place within the Indonesian automotive market has never been in doubt. Since its first appearance in 2003, this type of Low Multi Purpose Vehicle (LMPV) has gained the affection of many Indonesian families. During the beginning, the car had only two variants, namely 1.3 E and 1.3 G with 5-speed manual transmission.

The first-generation Toyota Avanza possesses a dominant black and gray exterior and holds a 7-seater capacity. At that time, the head unit only provided a single DIN model and was able to play cassettes, while for the windshield arrangement this car had adopted power-window technology throughout all four of its windows.

A year later, in 2004 the history of the Toyota Avanza was revamped with the release of the 1.3 S type that came with a 4-speed automatic transmission. From the engine side, this car applies K3-VE VVT-i technology and holds maximum power of 89 hp with ABS brake system features.

Toyota has never stopped updating this car model. In 2006, the 1.5 S M/T and 1.5 S A/T variants came with the engine coded 3SZ-FE with a maximum power of 109 hp and 141 Nm of torque. For cars in the first generation, Toyota had made several alterations, to be precise in 2008, 2009, and 2010 finally saw the release of models which included automatic transmissions for the 1.3 G and 1.3 E types.

The history of the Toyota Avanza Generation 2 in 2011-2014 is also notable. In this generation, Toyota made a wide variety of changes, especially throughout its exterior. Some changes include alterations to the headlights, the bumper now having a more modern design with sharper curves, and the grille which has become more integrated with its lights, as well as the brake lights already possessing a “sharp” design.

The second-generation Avanza is available via two engine options, namely 1.3 L and 1.5 L with types 1.3 E, 1.3 G, and 1.5 Veloz. Regarding the Avanza Veloz, this car carries a 1,500 cc engine coded 2NR-FE with a maximum power of 102 hp and a maximum torque of 144 Nm. However, for the second generation the updated features have not changed much. Only upon a harder ceiling now, there are currently dual SRS Airbags, as well as a ABS braking system.

In 2019, Toyota Indonesia had released the Toyota Avanza facelift where from the exterior it shows a more updated and modern appearance. At first glance this car is similar to the Voxy due to the fog lamp. The interior has incurred several changes, such as incorporating the ability to use an air conditioner remote control, including smart entry technology features, a touch screen head unit, dual SRS Airbags, Seat Belt with Pretensioner & Force Limiter ABS, ISOFIX, 3-Points Seat Belt, and a Side Impact Beam.

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What are the advantages offered by the Toyota Avanza?

Now that you are aware of the history of the Toyota Avanza, lets now take a look at the various advantages that come with the Toyota Avanza. Indeed, this vehicle has become the most popular and widely rented car in Indonesia for very apparent reasons.

1. Comprehensive model

There have been at least 20 types of Toyota Avanza since it first appeared within the Indonesian market. Indeed, this vehicle consists of 12 Avanza models and 8 Avanza Veloz models with a choice of 1.3 L and 1.5 L Dual VVT-i engines with 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic transmissions. With so many types of Toyota Avanza cars, tenants have a robust range of options to choose from, according to their needs.

2. Competitive price

Another advantage of the Toyota Avanza is its competitive price. If you are the owner of a car rental service, buying a popular car that has been widely rented by the public, of course, will be a profitable venture from a business perspective. The Toyota New Avanza is priced starting at Rp. 233.100.000 for the All New Avanza 1.3 E M/T model. When compared to other MPV-like vehicles, the price of the Avanza is quite competitive in terms of the features and facilities it possesses.

3. Suitable dimensions & specifications for Indonesian consumers

One of the advantages of the Avanza since it was first introduced is that it is a 7-seater car. Now through the current generation, the MPV, nicknamed “The Car of a Million People”, is equipped with larger and more spacious dimensions. This will make your trip with your family a more comfortable endeavor. The dimensions of the All New Avanza has a length of 4,395 mm, a width of 1,730 mm, and a height of up to 1,700 mm, while the wheelbase is recorded at 2,750 mm. With these dimensions, it not only promises a more spacious interior, but also makes driving feel better overall.

Toyota Indonesia fully understands the needs of Indonesian consumers in the automotive market. With the presence of the Toyota Avanza at that time, the need for an economical, durable, and affordable car had been provided for.

This MPV type car, dubbed the "Million People's Car", is equipped with larger dimensions through its latest variant, making the trip even more comfortable. The dimensions of the All New Avanza possesses a length of 4,395 mm, a width of 1,730 mm, and a height of 1,700 mm with a wheelbase of 2,750 mm. With these dimensions, it not only promises a more spacious interior, but also a better driving experience. Plus the legs of the car are designed to be very flexible when having to carry a full load of passengers, or when passing through bumpy terrain.

4. A fuel efficient and powerful engine

When planning to rent a car for especially long trips, you certainly will need a car that is fuel efficient so that it can reduce your travel budget. The Toyota Avanza offers a choice of 1.3 L and 1.5 engines combined with Dual VVT-i variable valve technology, making gasoline consumption efficient and allowing it to drive upon steep terrain without incurring fatigue. Don't worry about its overall toughness, the Avanza has proven to be a trustworthy asset when travelling upon all terrains, making it one of the most desirable cars.

5. Equipped with complete and modern features

A car that is equipped with complete safety features certainly makes the trip more comfortable. Toyota Avanza is equipped with Side Impact Beam features, ABS brakes, and Dual SRS Airbags. There is also an Immobilizer feature that can minimize cases of theft because the car will not turn on when using a fake car key. As a family car, the Avanza also provides a sense of security for its child passengers. This car is also equipped with the ISOFIX feature so you can easily install a car seat. While in terms of entertainment, this car already has a touchscreen head unit that is connected to DVD, CD, AM/FM, USB, Bluetooth, and Ipod Ready.

6. Promising resale value

For car rental entrepreneurs, the advantages of this one Toyota Avanza are certainly very profitable. Not only is the purchase price affordable, but this car also has a profitable resale value even though it has been used for a long time.

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History of the Daihatsu Xenia

The Daihatsu Xenia was first introduced in 2003 and was traded at the Gaikindo Auto Expo in 2004. In that event, this car was called the car of a million people because it sold up to 100 thousand units. The main factors regarding its success is sue to its affordable price relative to the quality offered, such as in regards to its good engine performance, fuel economy, and easy maintenance.

Since its appearance, this car has undergone several changes. In the first generation, Daihatsu Xenia came in three models, namely the Mi, Li, and Xi. The Mi and Li types are equipped with a 1.0 L engine, while the Xi type is equipped with a 1.3 L engine with a 5-speed manual transmission. It was only in 2009, the Xenia had the option of a 4-speed automatic transmission.

With the Li and Xi types, both are equipped with similar features which includes power steering, a single DIN radio tape, CD player, power windows, alloy wheels, spoiler, electric mirrors, roof rai, and parking sensors. Through the first generation, Daihatsu made minor changes in 2006 and 2008 from the engine side with VVT-i technology and refreshments on the exterior.

With the second generation (2011-2019) Daihatsu finally made many changes to the exterior and interior. For this second generation, Xenia came in four models, namely the 1.0 D, 1.0 M, 1.3 X, and 1.3 R with automatic transmissions available with the 1.3 R.

Daihatsu also had a facelift by changing its name to Great New Xenia. There are three types of Great New Xenia cars, namely the 1.0 M Deluxe, 1.3 X Deluxe, and 1.3 R Sporty. These three types underwent a lot of improvisation regarding its engine with VVT-i technology.

The second facelift was carried out by Daihatsu in 2019 from the exterior and interior. Daihatsu also added a larger engine option, namely 1.5 L. In terms of features, this car is equipped with automatic smart entry, digital air conditioning, double din full touch screen head unit, and shark fin antenna.

What are the advantages offered by the Daihatsu Xenia?

The Avanza Xenia the most popular MPV car with consumers. What are some of the advantages offered by the “car of a million people”?

1. Modern design

The latest Daihatsu Xenia car has a more modern design. If you pay attention to the body pulls of the Xenia, it still refers to a previous generation of vehicle, but more aerodynamic. Xenia cars are equipped with modern LED headlight designs and sporty polished alloy wheels.

2. Spacious cabin space

The Daihatsu Xenia holds dimensions of 4,190 x 1,660 x 1,685 mm. With these dimensions, this car offers a spacious cabin space so that long trips become more comfortable.

3. More fuel efficient

If you rent a car for vacationing purposes or a road trip that needs to go to many destinations, of course a fuel-efficient car is worth considering. Daihatsu Xenia has an appeal that is effective and efficient in the use of fuel. This is because the EJ-VE DOHC VVT-i and 1 NR-VE DOHC Dual VVT-i engines both have EFI injection technology.

4. Complete security features

Not only convenience, security is also an additional factor in choosing a car rental, right? Daihatsu Xenia cars are equipped with advantageous safety features. This car is equipped with Dual SRS Airbags, immobilizer keys, alarms, and corner sensors that make it easier for you when parking.

That's the information about why Avanza and Xenia cars are still very popular and are the most sought-after rental car choices. If you are looking for a trusted car rental for personal or corporate needs, MPMRent has been serving vehicle rentals in Indonesia for decades. For the services you need visit

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