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Consider The Most Comfortable Car Types for Business Trip

News2022-01-17 08:27:50

The most comfortable car types of business trip have been questionable from times to times. As all people know, business trip is not a usual trip like driving to a sister’s house or to a tourist object. A business trip brings the special missions such as meeting the client, observing the project, following a tender, expanding the business and etc. 

A number of companies go on a business trip for the need of branch offices. This is because a company multiple offices spreading out the cities. To reach the offices, they need a safe and comfortable car since the distance may be far. 

To avoid the wrong choice, here we share you the most comfortable car types of business trip you importantly need to know: 

MPV Premium 

MPV Premium is highly considered as the most suitable vehicle for business trip. It has a number of seat to accommodate more passengers. Further, this car is designed with the luxurious interior. The cabin is so large that the seat will feel comfortable and flexible. 


SUV is listed as one of The most comfortable car types of business trip for its extra comfort offered for the passengers. SUV is nice to drive on the difficult road. The cabin capacity accommodates up to 7 passengers, making it appropriate for any business trips. 

One more, SUV is featuring fuel-savvy so you can save your office expenses. 


Believe it or not, this car is the most favorable choice for business trip. It provides not only the coziness inside but also the excellent performance. MPV is designed with the large cabin so you can take your partners with you for a meeting outside. 

One more that makes this car the best choice is the smooth suspension and its ability to minimalize the shock when driven. 

The Highly Recommmeded Car Types for Business Trips

There are some car types that are highly recommended for business trips. If you are going to purcahse a car for your business purposes, here are the car types to select for sure: 

New Fortuner 

New Fortuner is the first recommeded car to consider choosing. New Fortuner is a SUV that offers the undoubted comfort especially for a far away business trip. This car becomes not only the superior but also the mainstay presented by Toyota. 

New Fortuner is designed with the 7 seat that are all big and comfortable. It has also an ergonomic design to minimalize the shock when driving on the wavy road. Moreover, the head unit that allows for USB and Bluetooth connection makes the car a great option for those who need entertainment during the journey. 

New Avanza

New Avanza is an MPV and Toyota’s superior. There are some great features added to the car to provide the most desired coziness for a long journey of business trip. 

As one of the superios, New Avanza capacitates up to 8 passagengers. Due to the roomy cabin, you will be able to move your body easily. This car is also great in minimalizing the shock. 

Toyota New Kijang Innova

If you admire MPV, Toyota New Kijang Innova is the option. Well, it is one of the most comfortable car types of business trip offering a large cabin, luxury and elegant design, making your business trip feels special. 

For your business trip, MPM Rent is the biggest car rental in Indonesia offering you the most comfortable car types of business trip you may need every day. Renting a car in this rental is the right solution to take to meet your needs. So don’t hesitate to contact it soon. 

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