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To meet demand and reach loyal customers, MPM Rent has expanded by opening a Branch Office in Surabaya since 2012. Right on November 1, 2019 MPM Rent Branch Office moved to a wider area due to the increasing number of car units that will be leased for individual needs or company, new place MPM Rent Branch Office is located at Kenjeran no 585 Kalijudan, Mulyorejo, Surabaya. MPM Rent Office Branch is ready to serve customers wholeheartedly. Starting from customer service, car pool to car service places that will facilitate customers in renting a car daily, monthly or annually.

MPM Rent also expanded its business unit, PT Dayakarya Solusi Sejati (DSS). DSS is engaged in outsourcing human resource procurement such as Driver Service, Cleaning Service, Support Service, Security Service with the slogan "Give the best quality". To create good quality human resources, DSS has a Training Center located on Jl. Raya Karakal, Kp. Caringin Ciawi - Bogor Regency which is the center of improving the quality of human resources with very complete facilities.

At the same time MPM Rent is also expanding its other business unit, OTODEALS. Engaged in the sale of used cars, Ototdeals reaches the Surabaya market by presenting quality used cars and offering 3 benefits, namely buy back guarantees, fast process vechiel documents and 3 month warranty.

Do not miss the MPM Rent business unit "AUKSI" also spread its wings in Surabaya. Auksi is a business unit engaged in the field of car and motorcycle auctions. By carrying out the slogan "Trusted Auction", Auksi has auctioned motor vehicles in various major cities in Indonesia, namely Jakarta, Pekanbaru, Balikpapan, Semarang, Malang and Palembang with hundreds of quality cars and motorcycles sold to hundreds of units in each auction activity.

MPM Rent expands its business to meet the growing market needs every year. By moving to a wider area in Surabaya, MPM Rent is ready to facilitate community needs based on FRIENDLY slogans consisting of Follow Up, Reliability, In Time, Expertise, Caring & Empathy, Good Attitude, Listen Actively.

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