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Often Mistaken, This is The Correct Function of Dimmer Light!

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A dimmer or what is often known as a dash light is a tool to provide a better view at night when driving. Dimmer light is also used as signs to communicate between vehicles. This is useful especially when you drive on the highway. Do you know what functions a dimmer has? Check out the answers in our article below.

An improper use of dimmers can distract other road users. Dimmers that are used excessively can block the eyes of drivers from the opposite direction due to glare. The ability and quality of vision will decrease so that it can cause accidents. Therefore, you should know about the function of the dimmer and the ethics when using it. Let’s read and review this article ‘til the end for a complete explanation!

Dimmer Function

You may be familiar with using a dimmer, especially on dark streets at night. Even so, there are a number of people who still don't understand the function of this component. The following are some of the correct dimmer functions:

1. Lighting device when driving at night

The most important function of the dimmer is as a lighting aid, especially when you are driving at night. Sometimes at night the road conditions visibility can be low due to the lack of light. It's not enough just to rely on using a low beam, thus you should use a dimmer as lighting to improve the visibility of the road to make it clearer.

2. Lighting device when driving on foggy roads

When you pass through the mountain roads, sometimes a thick fog appears and blocks your vision. This thick fog doesn't only occur at night, it often occurs in the afternoon or early morning. These conditions cause you to not be able to clearly see other vehicles that appear at a distance of one meter. Of course this is very dangerous because it will increase the risk of an accident. Using a dimmer in foggy conditions can help you see road conditions at least one meter ahead better.

3. Codes when overtaking and turning

Dimmers are often used as a sign or code when driving. The use of dimmers as a code is often used when overtaking and turning. When you are going to do it on busy road conditions, you could briefly switch on the dimmer together with the low beam. Drivers from the opposite direction will see a light like a flash from the car. The flash is a code that you are going to cross the road and ask other drivers to give way. Using a turn signal accompanied by a dimmer in these conditions can reduce the risk of an accident.

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Ethics of Using Dimmers

To maximize the function of the dimmer when used, you need to know the ethics of using dimmers:

1. Switch it on when you want to pass each other

There are several important times for switching on the dimmer when you drive past each other. Firstly is when a car from the opposite direction has its dimmer switched on. This can interfere with your vision, especially when you drive at night. You could switch your dimmer on and off several times as a code for the other driver to switch off his car's dimmer. Second, when you are going to overtake the vehicle in front of your car. You can simply switch on the dimmer once or several times in a short period of time. The code means that you plan to take a slightly different lane of the road so that drivers from the opposite direction are expected to give way.

2. Switch it on when the streets are quiet

It's a good idea to have the dimmer switched on when you're driving on a quiet street. This is so you don't disturb other drivers, especially drivers from the opposite direction. The dimmer can block the driver's view from the opposite direction because it is quite intense. On quiet streets, the function of the dimmer as a lighting device can help you see road conditions at a farther and clearer distance.

3. Switch on when passing through the blind spot

There are still many road conditions in Indonesia that have sharp turns. You have to be more careful in the blind spot so as not to cause an accident. Instead, you switch on the dimmer when you pass the blind spot. This is because the dimmer can function as a code to notify the whereabouts of your car to the driver from the opposite direction. With this code, a car from the opposite direction can reduce the speed of the car so it doesn't skid and avoid the risk of a collision with your car.

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That is information regarding the correct function of the dimmer and the ethics of using it. Wrong use of a dimmer can cause the car's vision to be disturbed by the glare of the light. This can increase the risk of your car colliding with another car. Using dimmers in urban areas with busy road conditions is also not recommended because it will disturb the view of other motorists. By adhering to proper dimmer usage etiquette, you can reduce the risk of accidents.

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