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Specification and Price of Hyundai Stargazer: New Prima-donna of Indonesia’s MPV Car

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In the event of Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) 2022, PT Hyundai Motors Indonesia (HMID) officially released the latest product of Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV), namely Hyundai STARGAZER. This car is able to note as many as 3,619 Surat Pemesanan Kendaraan (Vehicle Order Letter) as well as become a Favorite Car: Passenger Car MPV in that event.

In its official information, PT HMID said that Hyundai STARGAZER is an MPV car which is specially designed for the families of Indonesia.

“As a part of Hyundai’s commitment to be a game-changer in Indonesia, we keep making efforts to give products which fit Indonesia's characteristics and needs. Hyundai STARGAZER is specially designed as a new standard in its class and become an iconic product of Hyundai which is innovative and futuristic,” explained Woojune Cha, a President Director of PT HMID.

Then, how attractive is this car if compared to its competitors such as Mitsubishi Xpander and Toyota Veloz? Now take a look at the specification and the price of Hyundai STARGAZER.

Hyundai STARGAZER Exterior

Hyundai STARGAZER comes in four variants; Active as the cheapest variant, Trend, Style, and Prime as the most expensive variant. This car has a futuristic design the first time you see it since it has one curve design concept. This car is equipped with Horizon type DRL (Daytime Running Lights) and H-shape LED Rear Combination Lamp.

For its dimension, this car is 4,460 mm long, 1,780 mm wide, and 1,695 mm high. Compared to its competitor, although Hyundai STARGAZER has less height and length, its width is more than Xpander and Veloz. Mitsubishi Xpander is 4,595 mm long and Toyota Veloz is 4,475 mm long, while Xpander is 1,570 mm long and Veloz is 1,700 mm long.

This car uses rim sized 205/55 R16 for Prime, Trend, Style, while Active variant uses 15-inches rim. From the ground clearance side, Hyundai STARGAZER is quite low compared to its competitor, which is 195 mm. However, this car feels safe to drive on when passing puddles.

Hyundai STARGAZER Interior

When entering the interior part of Hyundai STARGAZER, you can feel the space and the advance of the car. Why not? HMID inserts sleek-one-box typology to optimize the cabin space and the advance features which are specially designed for the needs of Indonesia family’s lifestyle.

The dashboard of this car has a striped design which is long and minimalist that makes the space wider. The driver is served with a 4.2-inch cluster meter full TFT which can be customized. Its screen shows various instruments, such as fuel left, car speed, mileage, and tire pressure.

This car is designed for the family of Indonesia segment since its capacity can fit six to seven passengers. In the second line, you can choose the captain seat option with adjustable seat armrest and it costs IDR 1,500,000.

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Hyundai STARGAZER Machine Features

HMID is excellent in putting features on Hyundai STARGAZER. This MPV has wireless charger, Hyundai SmartSense, and Bluelink features. SmartSense feature will actively prevent car accident risk. Meanwhile, Bluelink is able to integrate your smartphone linked to cars and connected to Hyundai call center 24/7 and it will give you some help if you are in an urgent situation.

For entertainment features, STARGAZER is completed by an 8-inch touch screen head unit with Bluetooth and Smartphone connectivity as well as four audio speakers. For safety parts, this car is equipped with Electronic Stability Control, Hill-Start Assist Control, and Tire Pressure Monitoring System in Style variant.

If you want to get complete features, choose the Prime variant of Hyundai STARGAZER car. Its features are similar to the Style variant, equipped with leather seats, mood lighting ambient, Captain Seat option, and Two-tone option. It is also equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) as well as Hyundai SmartSense which consists of Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA), Lane Keeping Assist (LKA), Lane Following Assist (LFA), Blind Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist (BCA), and Rear Cross Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist (RCCA).

Hyundai STARGAZER Machine Performance

Talking about the performance, Hyundai STARGAZER can be said to be superior to its competitors. This car holds a similar machine to Hyundai Creta, configurated with a capacity of 1,497 cc MPI 16-Valve and 4-cylinder. By that heart racing, STARGAZER machine can produce 115 PS power and maximum torque 144 Nm on 4,500 rpm.

In the test of acceleration, STARGAZER only needs 12.3 seconds to reach 0-100 km/h. This car is also able to perfectly climb while taking seven passengers with 600 kgs total weight.

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Hyundai STARGAZER Specification

The following is the specification of Hyundai STARGAZER Prime IVT (Prime):


Engine Type

1.5L MPI

Displacement (cc)


Max Power (ps/rpm)


Max Toque (kg-m/rpm)


Number of Cylinders


Valves of Cylinders

16-valve, HLA


Transmission Type


Fuel Consumption

Fuel Type


Tank Capacity

40 L

Exterior Dimension

Length Overall (mm)


Width Overall (mm)


Height Overall (mm)


Base Wheel (mm)


Front OverHang (mm)


Rear OverHang (mm)



Lightest WeightCurb (kg)


Heaviest WeightCurb (kg)


Gross Weight (kg)



Cargo Area (L)

585 (behind 2nd row) / 200 (behind 3rd row)

Outside Tire 

Front Wheels

6.5J x 16"

Rear Wheels

6.5J x 16"

Front Tires

205/55 R16

Rear Tires

205/55 R16

Hyundai STARGAZER’s Strengths and Weaknesses 

Before deciding to buy a Hyundai STARGAZER, it is important for you to know its strengths and weaknesses. The summary is as follows:

1. STARGAZER’s strength

  • Overall, STARGAZER’s exterior has a modern and futuristic design. Because of DRL technology on the car’s light, your journey at night or during foggy days will be helped by the light which is quite bright. 

  • This car has a wide cabin. STARGAZER’s head room and leg room are quite wide and comfortable. Its seats are covered with memory foam materials so its comfort will be guaranteed.

  • The car is equipped with cruise control; therefore, the driver can control the car speed constantly.

  • Equipped with advanced features, one of them is Bluelink which is equipped with SOS Emergency Assistance buttons, Roadside Assistance, Auto Collision Notification, Stolen Vehicle Notification, Stolen Vehicle Tracking and Immobilization.

2. STARGAZER’s weaknesses

  • One of Hyundai STARGAZER’s weaknesses is its poor visibility so it can disturb drivers whose height is under 170 cm.

  • Unlike its competitors, New Xpander, which is equipped with Electric Parking Brake, Hyundai STARGAZER still uses manual handbrake.

  • This car has been equipped with many advanced features, yet it has not equipped with a 360 degrees camera; therefore, it needs extra attention when driving on small alleys or reverse parking.

The Price of Hyundai STARGAZER

By its strengths and weaknesses, the price lists of Hyundai STARGAZER are as follows:

  • Hyundai Stargazer Active MT        : IDR 243,3 million (OTR Jakarta)

  • Hyundai Stargazer Active IVT        : IDR 255,9 million (OTR Jakarta)

  • Hyundai Stargazer Trend MT        : IDR 263,3 million (OTR Jakarta)

  • Hyundai Stargazer Trend IVT        : IDR 275,9 million (OTR Jakarta)

  • Hyundai Stargazer Style IVT        : IDR 296,3 million (OTR Jakarta)

  • Hyundai Stargazer Prime IVT        : IDR 307,1 million (OTR Jakarta)

Those price lists are still the basic price, customers can add more budget if they want to use a captain seat or two-tone body color, starting from IDR 1 million. Compared to other competitors, those prices are not that far, even though they can be more affordable.

The Economical Fuel Consumption Secret of Hyundai STARGAZER’

Hyundai Indonesia has held an event Media Drive Hyundai STARGAZER which was held from August 31st 2022 to September 2nd 2022. One of its agendas was competing to save fuel consumption on the toll road.

Taken from the page, there are secrets to save fuel consumption of Hyundai STARGAZER. Firstly, the CVT transmission ratio is flexible; therefore, when cruising on the toll road, its high-speed engine rotation can be reduced as low as possible. For instance, with the speed of 100km/hour, STARGAZER needs engine rotation between 1,900 rpm to 2,000 rpm.

Secondly, its body is aerodynamic. Airflow plays a role to save fuel consumption. The body of STARGAZER is designed to have low wind resistance; hence it can save energy.

Technical Expert PT Hyundai Motors Indonesia also presented some tips which can be done to save the fuel while using STARGAZER. One of them is by setting the driving mode to Eco mode, avoid instant acceleration and deceleration, maintain the speed between 7-80 km/hour, minimize the use of AC, and minimize the use of electricity such as head unit, USB, or wireless.

Free Service Cost for Four Years

To attract customers, HMID also shows their series of after-sales services. One of them is free service cost on Hyundai STARGAZER for the first four years; then, the customers only spend the fuel cost.

“There is a guarantee for four years or 100,000 kilometers, it depends on which reached first. Based on our economical calculation, the customers only spend the fuel cost,” explained Putra Samiaji, a Head of Before Service of PT Hyundai Motors Indonesia.

Besides having a guarantee for four years, STARGAZER also gets free spare-part replacement cost for four years or 60,000 kilometers, as well as free maintenance cost or handling service for five years or 75,000 kilometers. 

That is information regarding the specification and price of Hyundai STARGAZER. Hopefully, it may be useful!

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