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The Requirements to Rent a Car with a Driver

News2022-03-01 17:00:00
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Who doesn’t like going on a holiday? During the pandemics, you can still go on a holiday safely, especially if you are renting a car. You can always rent a car with a driver, to conserve energy. Having  a driver won’t only give you an extra assistance, but you can also travel comfortably. However, there are several requirements to rent a car with a driver that you should know to avoid misunderstanding and future problems. 

So, what are the requirements to rent a car with a driver or a whole package?

Pay Attention to the Driver’s Working Hours

One of the requirement s to rent a car with a driver is to pay attention to the working hours of the driver. It is typically a 12-hour shift, from the moment you rent the vehicle. You would want to pay a closer attention to it. 

Don’t let the driver overdo the working hours because you may be fined by the rental car service. Be sure to do it on a timely manner and follow the requirements implemented by the rental service before going on a trip.

The Rental Cost Doesn’t Include Meal for the Driver

The renter is responsible for the expenses during the trip, and it includes the expenses for the driver. The meal cost isn’t included in the rental cost. Make sure that you include the driver within your own dining hours that include breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

To make sure, you can ask about the rental cost before actually making the rent. It will prevent any misunderstanding related to the overall cost that the renter has to bear during the trip.

Include Complete Information about Your Identity 

It’s easy to manage a rent, but it’s also your responsibility to make sure that you have prepared everything completely. The car rental service has the right to refuse renting their fleets to you if they think that your identity is shady or is incomplete. 

In general, the car rental company will ask for a copy of driver license or ID car. It’s possible that they also ask you about other documentation. Check about other requirements if you want the process to go easily and fast. 

Paying Attention to Late Dues 

You also need to pay attention to the late dues or return. This is one of the requirements to rent a car with a driver. Make sure that you return the car in a timely manner. You are only given a leniency up to 2 hours. If it’s more than 2 hours, then it would be considered an additional day – and you are facing another one day extra in your cost. Make sure you really understand the time, including the exact time, where you are supposed to return the car. 

Renters Are Responsible for Gas and Leaky Tires

It’s your responsibility, as the renters, to deal with gas and leaky tires. That’s why you need to check the vehicle’s condition before using it. In most cases, the rental car won’t have full tank. It would be better if you just fill it up the first thing you use it, especially if you have long travel ahead of you. 

Be sure that you choose only a reliable and trusted car rental service for your car rental needs. Do your research thoroughly and carefully. One of the best services in this business is MPM Rent. Once you understand the details of requirements to rent a car with a driver and you can visit them at, you should be able to get the vehicle you want easily. 

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