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Tips for Choosing a Quality Car GPS & Installing it Correctly

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GPS (Global Positioning System) is a satellite-based navigation system that provides accurate information regarding car locations that can be accessed and displayed on various browsers, such as desktop and smartphone applications. GPS has an important role in vehicle security. However, not all vehicles are equipped with a GPS tracker feature, so car owners need to install their own GPS.

Generally, car GPS is equipped with an alarm that will turn on if the vehicle is stolen. However, there are also some GPS trackers that are not equipped with an alarm feature, but don't worry because you can still find your car if it has a GPS installed.

Judging from its function, car GPS does not only help find stolen vehicles, there are several other functions, as follows.

  1. The most important function is, of course, anticipating crime because GPS will provide real time vehicle position information so you can track the car's position.

  2. GPS tracker also functions as a history data storage. You can find out the locations that have been visited along with the time of events that can be accessed whenever you need.

  3. Some GPS are also equipped with a tapping feature that can hear all conversations in the car. This tool can be used as evidence in cases of theft or crime.

  4. Another function of installing a GPS in a car is as a weather detector. You can find out the humidity, temperature, and air pressure in an area through a GPS tracker.

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Tips for Choosing a Car GPS

As previously mentioned, the GPS tracker has different features. If you plan to install it, you should first know some of the following tips for choosing the right GPS tracker for your car.

1. The one with real time tracking feature

GPS trackers have several features, but the most important feature that you need to choose when buying a car GPS is one that has a real time tracking feature. This feature allows you to remotely monitor vehicle movements at any time, so it will be very suitable for use by car rental companies.

Through this feature, the car that is rented out can be checked for its whereabouts so that it will be very helpful in the event of a theft. GPS tracker which has high sensitivity will help tracking in real time.

2. Use a reliable processor

A GPS tracker with a real time tracking feature will not function properly if it is not supported by a reliable processor. Each car GPS brand has a different type of processor and make sure you choose the best one. If the processor used is less sophisticated, then the car GPS will be slow and you will need to wait a long time to see the fastest route.

3. Check the sensitivity level with the satellite

To know the sensitivity of GPS with satellites, you need to try it before buying. A sensitive GPS will find it easier to catch signals from satellites and signal capture will also be more stable wherever you go.

4. Understand the monitoring system and its application

Another tip for choosing a GPS tracker is to understand the monitoring system and its applications. GPS trackers can generally be accessed from your smartphone or other gadget, making the tracking process easier. One of the signs of a good GPS tracker is certainly equipped with an easy-to-use application to access features while on the go.

5. Easy-to-contact support service

Another tip before choosing a car GPS is to make sure the GPS publisher has a support service that is easy to contact. Services like these will help you find a reliable technician if the GPS you purchased is damaged.

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How to Install GPS in a Car

After knowing tips on choosing a GPS tracker, now is the time to find out how to install GPS in a car. If you are going to install the car GPS yourself without the help of a repair technician, you should know the correct electrical path to the car because the car GPS is closely related to the battery.

Before installing the GPS in the car, you also need to pay attention to what components are stored in the GPS tracker box. Generally, manufacturers provide plus and minus cables as well as fuses and bolts to install them.

The first step in installing a GPS is to take a GPS cable which consists of a plus cable and a minus cable. Both are distinguished by the color of the wires. If the plus cable or direct power cable is marked in red, the minus cable or ground cable is marked in black.

After that you need to connect the GPS cable and attach the plus cable to the car GPS fuse. This step is important before going to the next step to avoid electrical problem due to a short circuit between the GPS and the car.

The final step is to attach all the GPS component parts to a certain part of the car as the location where the GPS is stored. Ideally, GPS is placed on the dashboard of the car because it is the place that emits the strongest signal. Apart from the dashboard, you can install GPS on the ceiling, under the seat, near your feet, or in a place that produces the strongest signal.

However, you should avoid placing the GPS on the bottom of the car because there is a risk of damage from being exposed to water. You can choose a place that is difficult for others to see. This is because if the car is taken by someone else, you can still track the whereabouts of the car without the thief knowing.

Activating Car GPS on Smartphone

In order for the GPS tracker to be accessed via a smartphone, you need to activate it first. Here are the steps.

  • Prepare a SIM card that has an internet package. For monitoring the GPS tracker via smartphone, make sure the SIM card has a strong signal so you can still access it in remote areas.

  • Insert the SIM card into the GPS. If you have chosen an operator service with a good signal, insert the SIM card into the car GPS when it is off. After that, turn on the car GPS then check the signal.

  • Register. The final step is to register via a smartphone so that you have access to tracking the car's GPS. Contact the server via SMS or telephone. Later, you will receive a verification code that must be entered into the smartphone after installing a special application. Through the application, you can use the available features.

That is the information about how to install GPS in the car. GPS trackers can be used by car rental companies to be able to monitor the whereabouts of the car in order to prevent cases of theft. Be sure to install a GPS tracker in your vehicle for a more comfortable trip.

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