If you are just new to vehicles, most importantly, you should know the guidelines on how to choose the right fuel for your vehicle. Today, we are going to share you the best tips in our guidelines so you can use the right fuel that fits to your newly-bought car. In Indonesia, there are at least 8 types of fuel that most vehicle’s owner has been using. 

Using t

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There are several things to consider when replacing vehicle’s tires as doing tires replacement wrong way will potentially cause a danger to your driving comfort. Tires are the most vital component. If they are in a bad condition then you should replace them with the new ones. 

Some situations that require you to replace the tires are the broken tires. Either f

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Have you ever experienced highway hypnosis while driving? If not, never expect! Highway hypnosis is one of the factors causing most accidents on the road. However, almost drivers ignore how dangerous such kind of hypnosis is. 

For your safety, you need to know how to prevent highway hypnosis to avoid accident. If you know nothing more about it, then

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