Entering the rainy season, several areas in Indonesia get hit by floods and the road access is limited. Fortunately, nowadays more and more car manufacturers are producing flood-resistant cars with high ground clearance characteristics so they can survive floods easily.

High distances from the asphalt surface are typical specifications of SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicl

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One of the car components that requires special attention is the car body. Apart from being nice to look at, a car body that is clean, shiny and looks new will certainly add more value to the car if you intend to sell it.

To keep the car body looking shiny even though it has been used for a long time, the owner could apply coating - a treatment quite well known amo

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The rainy season is here. For those of you who drive vehicles every day, this season requires you to be extra cautious. You will not experience slippery roads, but also dangerous road potholes.

Entering the rainy season is commonly related to traffic congestion. In addition, the driving view or visibility is becoming less and drastically reduced, bringing a challen

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