In the midst of the dominance of gasoline-fueled cars, diesel cars still have their own market. It is impressive since diesel cars offer excellence, from its efficient fuel consumption, big torque and easy engine maintenance. There are some best and popular diesel cars in the Indonesian automotive market. If you plan to buy diesel cars, here are the recommendations.

The saying don't judge a book by its cover is hard to apply when it comes to car body issues. Because every time a car passes, it’ll be assessed first by its exterior before it gets people to assess it as a whole. This makes the appearance of the car crucial. The better the appearance of the car, the more aesthetic it is perceived.

One that affects the appearance o

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People who own vehicles are subject to pay tax on motorized vehicle ownership, either for owners of two or more wheeled vehicles. There are two types of taxes that must be paid, namely Surat Tanda Nomor Kendaraan/ STNK (the annual tax when applying for a vehicle registration certificate) and the five-year tax that coincides with the change of vehicle number plates. The amount of

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