What are the tips to take care of vehicle’s Smart Key for high durability? This article will give you the top tips so you need to read it fully now.

As all people know, vehicles are designed with the excellent features, one of which is a smart key. This feature is much different from the usual key. Thus, if you don’t know how to keep it well, it will easily get damaged and not be dura

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What week in Ramadhan do the car rentals start to increase? This is a question that we often hear a few days before Ramadhan . Well, it does for a reason. Many people are planning to go home for having Eid holiday. Thus, they are looking for a car rental a long day before the due date in order that they can meet and get together with their families. 

Going hom

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Prior to choose what car to drive this year, a future buyer should consider whether to opt for a new car or just a used one. Both the new and used car have their own upsides. The future buyer can just easily fit his budget. For your information, here we have summarized a comparison of which one to choose; a new car or the used one.

So let’s have a look at the

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