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The Causes of Power Loss on Diesel Engine Car

News2022-11-22 11:00:00
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One of the reasons someone chooses a diesel engine car is for its large power and torque that makes the car suitable to be driven on heavy terrains. When a car starts to age, various problems sometimes arise, such as components that are damaged or not working properly. This turned out to have an impact on the power of diesel cars.

One of the diseases that often occurs in diesel engine cars is that they become less powerful while driving, especially in conventional diesel engines. As a result, the car is difficult to drive on heavy terrains and uphill roads.

There are several reasons you need to know before taking your car to a repair shop for service. Check out the reviews.

1. Dirty diesel filter

One of the causes of the diesel car engines to lose power is a dirty diesel fuel filter. Piles of dirt on the filter will reduce the discharge and volume of fuel. The condition will result in a lack of mixture in the engine, thus the power generated is not optimal. Not only that, a dirty diesel filter will disrupt the fuel filter process due to dirt that also enters the injection pump.

2. Weak diesel pressure pump

The pressure pump is mounted on the diesel filter or near the injection pump which functions to draw diesel from the fuel tank. When the diesel pressure pump is weak, the mixture of fuel and air is no longer optimal, causing the power produced by the engine to be imperfect. One of the signs of a diesel pressure pump that starts to weaken is that the engine is difficult to ignite in the morning.

3. Faulty injection pump

A faulty injection pump is also one of the causes of a diesel engine car losing power. The function of an injection pump is to distribute diesel fuel to each injector. When the injection pump pressure is less than or exceeds the recommended pressure, the diesel engine will start to experience problems. They can range from black smoke coming from the exhaust pipe to the car losing power while driving.

4. Incorrect injection timing

Injection timing is the time when the injector opens the nozzle to pump fuel. In general, the value and position of the injection timing on a diesel engine rarely changes. However, it is possible that the position is incorrect and causes the engine to become less powerful.

5. Low engine compression pressure

Another cause of low-power diesel engine cars is the low compression pressure of the engine's combustion chamber. Diesel engines require a high compression pressure of around 30 kgm, in contrast to gasoline engines which are only around 10/11 kgm. If the compression pressure decreases, the fuel-air mixture is more difficult to detonate and decreases the engine power.

6. Turbo propeller problem

Unlike their previous generations, diesel engines are now equipped with turbo technology such as Variable Nozzle Turbo (VNT) and Variable Geometry Turbo (VGT). This technology regulates the amount of air pressure supplied by the turbo to the engine and helps the engine to maximize its power.

When the regulator component or turbo solenoid has a problem, the air supply to the combustion chamber is also disrupted. Solenoid components that cannot open reduce air flow or underboost so that the engine is less powerful.

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Tips to overcome the diesel cars losing power

After knowing what causes a diesel engine car to be powerless, especially on uphill terrain, of course you need to know how to fix it when you experience this situation. Here are some ways you can overcome a diesel car that lacks power when on an incline.

1. Make sure to tune up regularly

To reduce the occurrence of a powerless diesel engine problem, you need to do regular maintenance. One of the car maintenance that must be done is a tuneup which functions to improve vehicle performance so that the car is more comfortable to drive.

2. Clean the air filter

The air filter supplies air into the engine cylinders. Cleaning the air filter is one way to increase the power of a diesel engine. A dirty air filter can block the entry of clean air and that affects the quality of the combustion.

3. Clean the fuel filter

As previously mentioned, a dirty diesel filter is the cause of a diesel engine car not having enough power. Dirty diesel filters cannot filter fuel well. Dirty fuel can damage the components inside, such as the injection pump and injector nozzle. You need to clean the diesel filter or replace it with a new one to keep the fuel sterile.

4. Turn on the machine before using

There are several ways to keep a car's power with a diesel engine powerful, one of which is to always warm up the engine before use. This is so that the lubricant in the vehicle engine can spread to all the smallest parts. You simply warm up the car engine for about 5 minutes before use.

5. Use the right oil and fuel

Engine oil used in diesel engine cars is different from engines in general. The characteristics of a diesel engine which has a high temperature, will require a thicker type of oil. Thus, you need to make sure the car uses original and good quality oil. You need to remember to change the oil regularly and even to change the oil before it runs out and thickens the black color. That will ensure components on the engine continue to work optimally.

So is the use of fuel. One of the important things that must be considered in a diesel engine is fuel. The use of quality fuel will make the car engine last longer. It is recommended that cars use fuel with a sulfur content below 300 ppm because it is capable of producing low exhaust emissions.

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Those are the information about the causes and how to deal with diesel engine cars losing power. You need to remember to service the car regularly to keep the car running at optimal performance. When servicing, you need to ensure the car engine components such as tire pressure to the quality of the fuel used are checked.

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