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7 Benefits of Using Car Rental as Operational Vehicle

News2022-03-20 17:00:00
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A number of companies start thinking about choosing car rental instead of purchasing some units of vehicles in need of company’s transportation. Compared to purchasing the new vehicles, renting cars has more benefits especially in finance view point. One main reason is that the companies can save more so that they can use the fund for other crucial expenses. 

Here are the 7 benefits of using car rental as operational vehicle you may want to check out: 

Save the Purchase Cost 

A unit price of a car ranges up to hundreds of rupiahs. If there is only one unit to purchase, it is still reasonable. However, a company should need more than a unit of car due to its high mobility. A big scale of company is impossible to operate only with a single vehicle to support the business operation. 

In this case, the problem lays on the unit price which is bigger than you may think before. This way, a company should find a more effective solution or alternative. When this problem arises, taking a car rental can be the best solution to save the company’s budget. For example, you allocate the cost of purchasing a car to rent a number of car altogether. 

Free of Maintenance Cost

The second benefit of renting a car instead of purchasing a new one is free maintenance cost. This means, the company should allocate the maintenance cost for the company’s own car. However, renting a car will skip it. That is because the rental company will be responsible for all the repair and maintenance cost of the vehicles they provide for renting. 

Truly, using a car rental helps lessen the vehicle’s maintenance cost which is always increasing from times to times. 

No Need Of Tax 

The third benefits of using car rental as operational vehicle is there is no need to deal with the tax. In this case, the rental company is the one that will be responsible for anything related to the vehicle’s tax. You are the tenant, so, you can just enjoy with the car without paying the annual tax. 

Though it sounds simple, tax can be complicated for the company’s operational. Easy to understand, a company will have a problem in law if they are in trouble with the tax. 

Car Insurance 

Generally, a vehicle rental provides cars which have already had insurance. Well, it is important to drive a car with insurance since none can guess what things are going to happen during the journey. An unintentional accident can happen anytime, causing you to pay high for the repair. Now if you rent a car with insurance, all the repair and maintenance over the vehicles would be covered by the insurance. 

A Good Quality Car 

Absolutely, all vehicles in the rental company have already a good quality. They are well-maintained so they have always good performance. The higher the quality of a vehicle you rent, the more comfortable the journey you will feel. 

Meet The Needs

Thanks to all vehicle types provided by the rental company. This is one of what the rental offers to meet the needs of your company. There are almost all types of vehicles you can select ranging from SUP to MPV and Luxury Car to Logistic vehicles. Even the heavy duty trucks are all available. So you can choose any car you need either to pick up a client or to transport goods.

Driver Service 

The seventh benefits of using car rental is the driver service option. Truly, driver service is one of the services offered by a car rental. In this case, the driver working for a rent car is absolutely well-experienced and skillful. 

Now that you have known the 7 benefits of using car rental as operational vehicle, you can start thinking about renting a car as an operational vehicle. In this regards, MPM Rent is not only the biggest car rental but also the most popular option in Indonesia. It offers the service for renting any types of vehicles along with the various options. MPM Rent has existed since 1998 and been offering a service for treating business clients from Japan. If you are interested in renting a car with this MPM rent, visit for more information. 

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