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Anything about Rental Car Agreements

News2022-01-10 17:00:00

Have you ever known what rental car agreements are? If you are going to rent car while you haven’t known them yet, don’t go anywhere! Stay and find out the agreements that all tenants should know. 

In fact, renting car is now increasingly popular especially in a big city. People usually rent a car for going vacation with families or even for running a business. Thus, checking out the agreements is a crucial thing to know what things are allowed and those are not. 

Now let’s have a look anything related to the rental car agreements as follows: 

Data Preparation 

Data are ones of the most important details included in an agreement letter. In this regards, the first data that everyone need to prepare are the personal details of both the tenant and the rental company. The data usually consist of name, occupation, ID number and other details that are based on the formal identity. 

The second data are the vehicles details that the tenant want to rent. The data are the vehicle’s brand, production year, police number, the book or vehicle’s ownership and etc. 

Renting Period 

An agreement letter also mentions the renting period. In this case, the tenant should return the vehicle based on the return date written in the letter. If the tenant cannot keep it, he will usually be fined based on the company’s rules. 

Rental Company Obligation 

Rental car agreements have been formally stated in the constitution. Thus, both the tenant and the rental company is recommended to make up the process based on the constitution. Here are the points of 1550 KUH Perdata constitution about renting car: 

  1. The rental company should grant the cars or vehicles to the tenant. 

  2. The rental company ensures the vehicle’s condition in order that the tenant can use it for his purposes. 

If there is a part of the car needs a repair, the rental company should repair it or grant the tenant with the other vehicle. 

  1. The tenant can use the car without a trouble until the renting period ends. The constitution should ensure that there is no lawsuit. In the other words, the rental company is not recommended to grant the rent to the tenant if the vehicle has a problem in law. 

Tenant Obligation 

Based on the 1564 KUH Perdata constitution, the tenant is obliged to the following things; 

  1. The tenant should use the car well. 

  2. The tenant should drive carefully to avoid the possible damage over the car. 

  3. The tenant should pay the rent based on the agreement. 

  4. The rent payment usually includes paying the driver and fuel or the vehicle only. 

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