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What to Consider When Replacing Vehicles’ Tire

News2022-05-30 17:00:00

There are several things to consider when replacing vehicle’s tires as doing tires replacement wrong way will potentially cause a danger to your driving comfort. Tires are the most vital component. If they are in a bad condition then you should replace them with the new ones. 

Some situations that require you to replace the tires are the broken tires. Either front or rear tires must be replaced altogether to avoid accident. In order that you won’t perform the incorrect replacement, here are what to consider when replacing vehicles’ tires. 

The Same Types and Sizes 

The first thing to take into account in replacing vehicle’s tires is the similar types and sizes. For safety, it is highly recommended that the tires must be in the same types and sizes. If you change the tires with the bigger ones, it will potentially cause an accident. However, if you want to modify your vehicle on its tires, make sure you choose the ones with only two points bigger than the original size. 

Similarly, if you replace the tires with the smaller ones, you won’t drive comfortably. The smaller tires are required to recognize the items weight brought by the vehicle. Of course, the maximum weight will feel lighter. 

Further, the tires should be in line with the vehicle’s type. Never change the tires of jeep with the tires of sedan. 

Tires’ Surface Depth 

The tires surfaces generally have patterns. And the patterned tires are usually different from each other. Daily use makes the pattern disappears, requiring you to do replacements soon.

If the tires pattern depth is less than 1.66mm, you should immediately change the tires for your safety and comfort in driving. In this regards, the best way to notice the tires’ surface depth is to see the Tread Wear Indicator (TWI). Place this tool on the tires surface. If it is already in the same line with the tires surface, replace the tires soon.  

Check The Tires Surface 

Checking the tires surface is the next thing to consider when replacing the vehicle’s tires. Visually, you can definitely see the tires surface condition with your bare eyes. If you see the tires surface is not in a required condition, it might be caused by the high or low wind pressure, imbalance wheel and the broken suspension. Or, it can also be due to the sudden brake you perform while your car doesn’t have ABS brake system yet. 

Tires Placement 

Be aware of the tires placement, too. Many people keep questioning about the best tires placement. Many of them think that installing the tires in the front is better to avoid accident when the tires break. That is not true. The broken rear tires can also lead to a fatal accident. However, the best tires placement would be best on the rear since it has less grip. 

Replace Double Tires 

If you have only limited budget for tires replacement, replace at least two tires. Changing one tire will cause a vehicle’s imbalanced movement. A new tire will absolutely stop when braked while the old one will keep moving around, causing the car imbalanced. In this situation, accident may occur especially when you drive fast. Thus, make sure that you replace the double tires. 

Check the Tires Wall Condition 

In relation to what to consider when replacing vehicles’ tires, you should also consider checking the tires wall condition. The less amount of wind pressure usually makes the tires easy to break. 

In most cases, there is something wrong with the tires wall in terms of bumps as the tires wall construction threads are separated. This condition causes the difficulty to fill the wind pressure. When you are driving a vehicle while the tires break like this, again and again, you won’t drive comfortably. The tires can even directly break as they withhold both the speed and weight. 

One Axis

One more thing to consider when replacing the vehicle’s tires is one axis installation. Based on the recommended procedure, the good replacement will require you to install the tires on one axis on the right and left side. You cannot purchase one tire for the right or left. Instead, replace the tires on one axis. 

As mentioned, tires are ones of the most vital component that contribute to the way you are driving comfortably. 

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