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Watch Out on How To Know The Automatic Toyota Kijang Innova’s Shift Solenoid Is Broken

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Are you questioning how to know the automatic Toyota Kijang Innova’s shift Solenoid is broken? Find the answer here on our article. Basically, all car owners should know how to recognize the broken solenoid to avoid the worst condition. Further, they should also need to know the fastest and rightest way of maintaining the broken solenoid. 

Kijang Innova is a Multi Purpose Vehicle that has becomes the favorite option, making this second-hand unit easy to find in the market. In general, the spacious and comfortable cabin is the thing that makes people consider purchasing it for family. However, if you plan to buy a unit of a used automatic Kijang Innova, you had better find out how to recognize the broken shift solenoid as follows: 

Strange Sound 

Do you often hear a strange sound when you move the gear shift? If so, the solenoid your automatic Kijang Innova shift may be broken. Check it by moving the shift lever like moving the gear from N to D or P to R. If you hear a crack sound, then the solenoid is broken. 

Heavy Pull 

If you feel that it is too heavy to turn on the engine, the shift solenoid could probably break. This way, the engine may vibrate and stomp when you step on the gas pedal and release the brake a little bit. Further, the heavy pull while turning on the engine also indicates that there is an oil leakage or the oil is dirty as you don’t change it for so long. 

A Beat

Other way on how to know the automatic Toyota Kijang Innova’s shift Selenoid  is broken is the beat when you move the gear. Usually, the gear shift on an automatic car will be smooth and normal though there is a little beat. If the beat is warm, the solenoid shift is broken. Further, the leaked solenoid cannot help smoothen the gear perfectly when it’s time to shift. 


The last thing to know that the solenoid shift of your automatic car is broken is the car’s less power. When a vehicle loses its power, it won’t accelerate in the uphill. Afterwards, the speed is slowing down significantly. 

The Solenoid Functions on Automatic Car Shift 

Do you know what solenoid functions on automatic car shift are? Solenoid is designed as a vital component to manage the oil on the valve body in the shift module. Solenoid also activates the clutch and brake to manage the oil flow based on the TCM shift order. This way, a computer is able to read the engine condition and shift to manage the shift move. 

The broken solenoid can cause the shift gear disrupted. It can even cause the car unable to move if one of the solenoids is broken already. To solve the broken solenoid, you can use engine scanner to find out it is broken or not. If so, you should replace it. 

How Solenoid Works 

Solenoid works uniquely to turn on the car and its engine. The computer will analyze the data from the engine speed sensor and vehicle speed sensor. These two sensors functions to send the signal both up shift and down shift to several shift solenoid. 

When the engine is on, the solenoid valve will be pulled to open the valve. The valve’s hole will distribute the fuel well out of the low speed circuit and emit the idle port. The engine will be off to diesel, making it durable to save safely. 

Shift Solenoid Maintenance 

Solenoid needs a regular and appropriate maintenance. Don’t wait too long until the problem arise. Well, it is considered pretty easy to maintain solenoid which is based on the manual nook guide provided by the company. 

The tips to prevent solenoid from being broken are to drive the care properly, change the shift oil to take care of the solenoid valve and avoid gear shift that is not necessary. Once a valve solenoid is broken, replacing it with a new one is a must. 

Now you have learned how to know the automatic Toyota Kijang Innova’s Shift Solenoid is broken, perform the maintenance well to keep your car’s performance perfect. In this regards, you can also consider MPM Rent that provides not only a car rental but also other offerings like safety, cleanliness, driver and etc. MPM Rent is a popular and reputable car rental in Indonesia you can contact today, yeah? 

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