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Things to Consider When Driving Downhill to Avoid the Brake Failure

News2022-05-30 17:00:00

There are several things to consider when driving downhill to avoid the brake failure. We are going to share this topic as there are a number of accidents occur because of the brake failure in these recent times. Downhill is one of the difficult road conditions that is also potentially endangering the passengers after the sharp turn. In most cases, either private cars or commercial cars lose control and experience brake failure in the downhill. 

Of course, all drivers should be aware due to the above cases. There are things that they should and should not do to have the safest driving experience especially in the downhill. Well, here are the things to consider: 

Check the Vehicle Gear 

One of the things to consider when driving downhill to avoid the brake failure is to check the vehicle gear. Make sure that you drive with the lower gear when reaching up the downhill. For example, use gear 3 for sloping area and gear 2 for the sharp turn. This is aimed to lower the speed of your car in order that you can control the vehicle to hold on the engine brake. Never use gear 4 or 5. 

Check The Road In Front of You 

Keep in mind to check the road in front of you to anticipate something bad happens. You can also give a bit warning in order that the other drivers be aware of your car’s position. 

Make Sure The Hand Brake Works Well 

When driving downhill, it is also essential to ensure the hand brake works well. Particularly when your car comes with manual transmission, requiring you to activate the hand brake. This technique is good not only for driving downhill but also uphill.

When your car moves forward, your left foot must fully step on the coupling and move the transmission to gear 1. Besides, the left driver’s left foot should also step on gas lever while the left hand should be ready to release the hand brake. When all is ready in the position, the driver can push the hand brake button to allow the key for releasing. 

Focus on Your Driving 

Focus on your driving and avoid feeling nervous. It would be very difficult for you to make decision in seconds if you are too nervous. Three seconds are the time you’ll have to decide on what to do when something unexpected occurs. Otherwise, you will never be able to do anything. You will even get the fatal impact. For example, your vehicle experiences brake failure in the high traffic while there are lots of other vehicles in front of you, busy streets on the right side and green-park on the left. To save your life from the brake failure impact, you should choose to turn left for a minimum risk. 

In this regards, you will not be able to make decision on taking the left turn if you driving too nervously. Therefore, never fail to focus on driving in any of situation. 

Slippery Road 

Other things to consider when driving downhill to avoid the brake failure is the slippery roads. Truly, roads are slippery after the heavy rain. This may make you unable to release the brake such a way as the slippery roads potentially cause your car to gets slipped. 

Keep Distance From other Vehicle

To avoid the brake failure, you can also keep your car’s distance from the other vehicles. The ideal distance won’t be too far each other. As no one knows what thing is going to happen from your left and right side or other way around. 

Thus, it is considered good to manage and keep the distance ideally. 

Check The Brake’s Canvas 

The last thing we would like you to conisder is to check the brake’s canvas. Never ignore the broken brake canvas as such technical error can influence the way a car perform. The broken canvas will endager you and your passengers. Therefore, having it checked regularly is recommended to avoid accident in the downhill. 

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