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Cars with Hill-Start Assist Feature and How The Feature Works

News2022-05-29 17:00:00
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Have you ever known what cars with Hill-Start Assist feature? If you haven’t known more about it, no worry! This article comes with the complete information about it. As the rich technology added to the car nowadays, most cars are produced along with the safety feature for driving. This makes the newly-produced cars are featured by hill-start assist feature. 

Today, we would like to discuss more about the cars that have hill-start assist feature as well as how the feature works. Check out all the description below: 

Cars with Hill Start Assist Feature 

What cars are added with the hill-start assist feature? If you drive mostly on the difficult road, you should consider purchasing a car with this feature. This feature will provide more safety as due to the excellent safety feature added. Unfortunately, not all car types are completed with the feature. So, what cars with Hill-Start Assist feature? 

  1. Mitsubishi Xpander

The first car that features hill-start assist is Mitsubishi Xpander. Well, it is a car which is the most comfortable and the safest choice. Xpander has been added with hill-start assist feature. However, not all Xpander types have this feature. Xpander Sport and Ultimate are the two types that are featuring hill-start assist. This feature helps the driver to drive on the difficult road especially from the “stop” position to an “up” position. Thus, there is no worry about the car moving backward. 

  1. Toyota Yaris

Toyota company also produces cars named Toyota Yaris featuring hill-start assist. Legally marketed in Indonesia, Toyota Yaris has virtually introduced by PT Toyota Astra Motor. Toyota Yaris is designed with the excellent safety feature. The car is able to stop at the uphill. It is also able to stop when you release the brake. The car will not move backward. It stays in its position. 

  1. Toyota Voxy

Toyota Voxy is basically designed with hill-start assist feature that helps stop the car uphill. This feature also enables the driver to step on the brake. Hill-start assist feature has a main function to ensure that the car keeps its position and doesn’t move backward. This feature help decrease the number of accident when a person drives uphill. 

Toyota Voxy is also completed with the excellent safety feature. Other features added to this car include vehicle stability control, dynamic rear parking area, emergency brake signal and etc. 

  1. Avanza Veloz

Avanza Veloz is Honda’s production. It has also an excellent feature of hill-start assist. Thus, it has a safer safety system that is better that the other cars may have. Further, Avanza Veloz is also receiving changes on its exterior and interior designs. 

  1. Other Cars

Thanks to the high technology used in the cars today, making almost new cars are featuring hill-start assist. This feature will not let the car to move backward when it is going uphill. The feature keeps the car in its position. 

The newly-produced cars that have hill-start feature are Honda HR-V, Mobilio, BROV, All New Toyota Rush Chevrolet Trax and Spark as well as Mazda 2. 

How Hill-Start Assist Feature Works 

How does a hill-assist work? Interestingly, this feature works to prevent the car from moving backward when it is going uphill. It has a sensor to detect uphill. The sensor uses the computer system to allow the brake to activate though you don’t step on the brake. 

All you need to do is to activate the feature when you are going uphill. You don’t have to use your handbrake since the feature will handle the situation. When you activate the feature, the sensor works when you release the brake. The car wheels will be locked for a moment and prevent the car from moving backward. 

Maintain the Car Regularly 

To ensure that hill-start feature functions well, maintain the car regularly. Without a regular maintenance, hill-start assist feature might not function properly especially when the car is going uphill. 

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