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Off-Key Car Rental Benefits You Should Know

News2022-01-27 17:00:00
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Off-Key car rental is defined as renting a car without a driver. It is best described that this car rental method makes the tenant feels free to drive without feeling reluctant. Unfortunately, not all car rentals offers this option. Instead, they almost choose such a preventive way to avoid unexpected things like a robbery. 

Think of the off-key car rental benefits below to ensure that the method is more beneficial than the key-method. 

Affordable Rate 

The first benefits that the method offers is the more affordable rate. In this case, you don’t need to pay for the driver’s service. Compared to the key-method car rental, you need to pay and additional price for the driver’s service. 


If you want to keep ypur  proivacy, off-key car rental is the option. If you rent a car alomg with the driver, you will feel that your privacy is ruined. Morever, privacy is important to conisder when it comes to go with spouse. 

Manageable Time

The next off-key car rental benefit is the manageable time. This way, you manage your time by yourself. Without a driver, you can decide which street to drive on and what time to go wherever you want to. 


Comfortable is another reason why off-key car rental method is widely opted. As not all the driver is professionally driving, this method will help you feel more comfortable as you can handle your driving as you prefer. Note, only the reputable car rentals provide the professional drivers. 


Off-Key method absolutely saves the seat. You can optimize all the seat in the car without providing one for the driver. So you can bring one more passanger. 


Nowthat youhave known the off-key car rental benefits, you should know the requirements to rent a car with this method. 

Here are the documents that the tenants should fill as the requirements. 

  • Taxpayer principal number or NPWP

  • ID card or a copy of ID card

  • Driving liscence. This is to show that the tenant has a good driving ability. 

  • A copy of Family Identity 

  • A copy of Occupancy Identity 

  • A copy of land and building tax. 

  • A copy of electricity and telephone bills. 

All of these documents will be asked for the rrequirements. Collect the to the car rental you are going to use. Mostly, you are also required to show the original documents in the day you start the car rent. 

For this reason, MPMR is the best place to go for renting either a short term car rent or the long term one. MPMR is the best car rental in Indonesia offerings solutions to your need of transportation. 

MPRM provides the rent for not only passenger cars but also business car, luxurious car and other types of vehicles. You can also opt for the off-key car rental method whenever you like. Definitely, you will get the most satisfying offer. Contact MPM Rent now if you need a car for traveling, going back home, transporting goods or even for your business trips. 

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