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When to Replace the Car Fuel Filters? Look for These Signs!

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Regular car maintenance needs to be carried out to keep the car in optimal performance. You need to look after each of the components of the car, from the largest part such as the body to the smallest part such as the fuel filter. Sometimes the maintenance of such a small component as a fuel filter is often overlooked by many. However, you still have to take care of the part to maintain the performance of your car. When to replace the car fuel filter? Learn more about the signs that a car's fuel filter should be replaced in our following articles.

The fuel filter is an important component that functions to filter out impurities from fuel. Perhaps you often pump lower quality fuels that do not comply with the manufacturer's recommendations or mix different brands of fuel that have different octane. This can cause dirt or foreign material to enter the combustion chamber and clog the filter. If this happens for a long period of time, your car's performance will decrease and the car's engine components will be prone to damage. 

Each component of the car has a different quality of service life. If it is not maintained properly, the car components will quickly break down in a short time. To prevent bad things from happening to your car, you'd better change the fuel filter periodically. Then, what are the signs that the car's fuel filter should be replaced? Let's read and review this article to the end for a complete explanation!

Signs that Car Fuel Filters Should Be Replaced

The following are the signs that often appear when your car's fuel filter needs to be replaced:

1. Car Lag

The fuel filter is quite well hidden, it is inside the tank and is integrated with the fuel pump or outside the tank which is difficult to see. However, you can still recognize the indication of a dirty car filter under normal driving conditions. If you experience a car lag such as the car shuts off, it is usually caused by a dirty or clogged fuel filter. The combustion system becomes uneventful and the engine will have problems.

2. Irregular Idling Engine Rotation

The next sign that you can feel the irregularity in the engine speed under stationary or idle conditions. The engine revs usually go up and down even if the accelerator is not stepped on. When the engine speed is increased but the speed of the car remains stagnant as if there is not enough power, this indicates a problematic car fuel filter.

3. Hard Engine Starts

There are many reasons why the engine is difficult to start such as problems with spark plugs, batteries, or alternators. A car engine that is difficult to start can also occur because there is not enough fuel that flows into the tailgate space. It is usually caused by a clogged or dirty car fuel filter that slows down and creates inconsistency in the fuel flow. Your car needs enough fuel to start the engine. If the filter has a problem then your car will experience a hard engine start.

4. Car Engine Shuts Down while Driving 

One of the causes of a car engine suddenly shutting down is a clogged or dirty fuel filter. A problematic filter can make the car engine suddenly shut down due to a complete stop in the fuel supply. This is especially dangerous when the car is carrying a full load or uphill. In these conditions, the engine requires extra power and the insufficient fuel distribution will cause the engine to stop until it turns off completely.

5. The Check Engine Indicator Light is On 

A problematic fuel filter will make the check engine indicator light on the instrument panel to light up. Today, many modern vehicles have been equipped with internal sensors. This sensor can notify you of the problems that the car is experiencing through a specific code. Codes relating to fuel issues are usually P0171 or P0174. To find out what problem that your car is experiencing, you may also use the OBD2 Scanner or take the car to a repair shop. 

6. Engine Performance and Car Power are Down 

You must have understood the power character of the car you usually use, especially when you use it every day. When the power of the car is reduced, you can immediately feel it because of its significant effect. You can also feel this change when you go over an incline that requires extra effort. A decrease in engine performance and car power can be caused by a faulty fuel filter. 

7. Defective Engine Components 

A fuel filter that is clogged with impurities will cause problematic fuel distribution to the combustion chamber so that the engine cannot work optimally. If left unchecked, the blockage will damage the injector. Of course, the cost of replacing it is not cheap. Dirt that enters the combustion chamber can also cause scale deposits due to incomplete combustion. The risk of water entering the sidelines of the engine will increase so that engine performance can decrease. This will also trigger the car's engine corrosion. 

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How to Change a Car Fuel Filter

If you don't want to be troubled then you can simply take your car to the repair shop and have your car fuel filter replaced. In general, the replacement of car fuel filters is included in the car tank draining service that cleans dirt and water that settles on the fuel filter and fuel tank. The costs incurred start from IDR 250,000 to more than IDR 1,000,000 depending on the type of car you use. The higher the type, the more expensive the cost will be.

You can also replace the car fuel filter yourself at home. This method is quite easy and cheaper. Here's how to change your car's fuel filter:

1. Prepare the Necessary Equipment

The equipment you need to replace the fuel filter is quite diverse. You'll need a socket lock, ring lock, pliers, an oil filter unlocker, a new fuel filter, and other tools. Make sure the tools you need are readily available so you can efficiently replace the fuel filter.

2. Remove the Damaged fuel Filter

You can easily remove the old fuel filter and use pliers to remove the clip. Prepare a cloth cloth to avoid spillage of fuel that is in the channel. 

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3. Remove the Water Sensor at the Bottom of the fuel Filter 

After the damaged fuel filter is successfully released, you should also remove the water sensor located at the bottom of the fuel filter. Next, you can disconnect the fuel filter from its housing. Use the filter opening tool specifically to make your work easier.

4. Install a New fuel Filter

After performing the above steps, you can install a new fuel filter. To tighten a new fuel filter, you can simply use your hands. Furthermore, you can install the o-ring in the filter to make it easier to tighten and install the car body as before.

5. Do the Bleeding

The bleeding process serves to ensure the performance of the newly installed fuel filter. The method is quite easy, start with loosening the installed bolts and pressing the pump over the filter housing several times. Afterwards you need to press the pump continuously until the fuel with no air bubbles comes out of the bolt hole that has been loosened. After that, you can reinstall the bolts and clean the place of the fuel filter.

6. Try Starting the Engine Again

Finally, start your car's engine to check for a new fuel filter. If the installation and bleeding process is correct, your car's engine will start. Do not forget to check whether there is a fuel leak or not.

That is the information about the signs that the car fuel filter must be replaced and how to replace it. When you find such signs, you should immediately replace the car's fuel filter. This is to prevent a decrease in car engine performance and damage to car components. Periodic maintenance of the fuel filter can extend the service life of a car engine.

To maintain the optimal condition of the car's fuel filter, it is recommended that the fuel filter be replaced regularly. Ideally it is when your vehicle has traveled 40,000-kilometers or approximately once every 2 years. However, some vehicles have a fuel filter that blends into their fuel pump. If your car is one of them, then the fuel filter cannot be replaced. You need to pay attention to how your car and what it needs in order to keep it in an optimal performance.

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